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anybody build the billingboats cutty sark?


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cheers all, myself i'm new to ships (and this site)


i've built all kinds of static, as well as electric, gas, nitro etc etc models over the years, but currently decided to try the cutty sark by billing boats, not really going as well as i'd hoped


i know with wood every part almost is going to need some sanding, tweaking and adjusting but so far this has been crazy.if i did this one again i think i'd just start from scratch as i've done with model airplanes. the instructions are so vague, and not only are pieces not numbered or labeled theres almost no dimensions provided even if you wanted to make your own parts.


anyways theres my rant, what i'm really looking for is somebody who has made this particular model before and wouldn't mind giving a little advise as to how they got past a couple akward stages. thanks a lot to anybody with a lead or little help on this one.

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Welcome to MSW. Take a look at the kit build logs of the Cutty as well as the scratch builds.  It might give you some ideas.  Also, start a build log.  You'll find it easy to get help and encouragement.   It might be that what you need to do is back off the Cutty and cut your teeth on a smaller, simpler vessel.

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Hello, and welcome!  I am currently building the older version of the Billings CS.  Model no. 459.  No fittings, die cut bulkheads.  This model came with two sets of G. Campbells plans.  These are indispensable.  The kit's versions are very vague.  Please get a set of these plans, and then you're off and running!  I believe you can order them off of the Cutty Sark website.  Stick with the Campbell plans and you will not go wrong.


(And watch Nenad, Dognut, Spencer, and the rest of us in the forum!)


Happy modeling!



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