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Ok so I have seen several times over that things need to be nailed, I finished an AL viking ship that stated it to be done but I feared smashing my model so I glued it then drilled pilot holes and glued them in, great as a finished look but not I think the intended game plan, so here's the question, or questions, what is the best way to do this? I fear the force needed even from my 2oz hammer might crack, split, or break the bulwark/keel/planks and I lost my ship building simplified sketchbook so I must ask around. Also what is the best way to stabilise the ship while doing this? I have a few different vise types but again, I fear breaking things, the kit I am currently working on is an AL Virginia and the keel/bulwarks and false deck are made of plywood and first planning is Ramin I looked around for info on this subject but found none. Plz help

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The best way is with something like this: https://www.frontlinehobbies.com.au/products/ART-27023?Artesania%20Nailer%20For%20WoodBoats


Push the nail into the plank as far as it will go with your fingers, then mount the nailer and push it in. No hammer required. 

Regards, Keith


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