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Wye River Models


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Hey Kevin,

I have a Wye River kit waiting my attention, their Round Stern workboat. My wife gave it to me for Christmas last year.  It arrived in a plain brown box with all the wood just tossed in, not very secure, I think all the wood is there, (I haven't checked it yet) all the small bits thankfully were in plastic bags. The Plans are copies of hand drawn plans and are very simple. Not much extra detail given. The instruction booklet is also very simple not very hard to follow, even for a novice like myself, but it could use better detailed photos. I don't think the kit is bad just disappointed with it's presentation and delivery. 


Check out this link, from The Model Boatyard it was from Wye River kit, made a nice little boat.




BTW I grew up in Norfolk, used to race out of the Hampton Yacht club on a J-36 back in the day.  My dad showed me the remains of the Schooner Atlantic when I was a kid before they renovated the river front.



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Pat thanks for the information and the link. The log gives some good information on building the model as well as the actual construction of the boat. I was looking for plans for a Chesapeake Sailing canoe and came across Wye River Models site. I will keep them in mind, but keep looking for better plans. I still have a lot to learn before I tackle a scratch build though.

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Kevin, you might try the Museum Store at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St Michaels MD. They sell a great kit of the Hooper Island Draketail "Martha," which I bought and built. They also had kits for skipjacks and crabbing skiffs. I seem to recall they had sailing canoe kits too, or at least plans. Unfortunately the store's website has been down "for renovation" for at least a year but you can call them at 410-745-4962. There is also a modeling club associated with the museum, they might be able to help.

One other idea is that there is a club that races small sailing canoes in St Michaels, a Google search should turn them up, they usually build their own boats so you could get plans there. 

If you have not been to the CBMM it makes for a nice day trip, some nice models and real boats to look at and great seafood places in town.


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