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I'm starting a build log on the Trumpeter 1/200 scale Bismarck. This is my first time posting on here so please be patient with this newbie. I previously built the 1/200 Arizona and thought I did a decent job. So when the Bismarck was released it was a no brained. I have the upgrade set, Eduard central area, and white ensign superstructure railing. I'm not trying to make a 100% museum piece, just wanting to make a great model of a ship I have obsessed about since a child (I'm 42 now) I will update when I can because I work 2 jobs so please be patient and I greatly appreciate any and all advice

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Man you are on a roll, I understand about not being able to take the time for your hobby all too well but there are quite a few of us that will be waiting for updates when you have time to sit and enjoy yourself with this build. Thanks for sharing.


Happy Modeling,

Marty G.

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sorry i have just found your log, i have been slightly distracted for the last couple of months, and missed lots of things and logs, I have put mine to one side for a while - whilst i get back on with the Victory, which in reality is my favourite, you have really done a lot of work on her, did you quess where the waterline goes,as it is not quite as easy to work out as i thought it would be, any way i will continue to follow

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