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J Class yacht Endeavour by henryjames - FINISHED - Amati - Scale 1: 80, 1934, First Ship build

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And so my first ever build and build log,

(pics to follow shortly!)


Open opening the box, it's surprising how flat pack evrything is!

although teh quality looks great, ot sof very small metal components

and the wood look decent quality.


Instructions are in Italian, which for a moment threw me,

untill I found the corresponding English translation sheet.


In fact instructions are great, lots of diagrams and lots of step by step



The kit comes with a hammer, sanding block, vice, tweezers, and a

detailed sanding pen tool, and I have to say teh quality is surprisingly good.

For a first timer like me, this is superb.


One thing that has struck me is the cloth sail material provided.

It has stitch lines printed on, which, though useful, I think will look a bit rubbish on the model.


Is this normal, or is it normal to just use this fabric as a guide and go out and buy some other blank linen

type fabric?  I'm jumping teh gun here as the sails are pretty much one of the last steps but thought I'd ask!



First task is sanding and shaping the boom.....


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Apologies land lubbers, I have been tardy on my picture uploads,

I will upload some tonight.


I have now sanded and shaped the boom and attached the various metal gear that is attached

in addition to constructing the main boom pivot.


After this was making the mast, its pretty long and constructed of various semi circle dowel lengths and

has a 1mm slot running the full length. The mast is also not circular its in fact a squashed circle making sanding

quite a task, to create a smooth tapered length.


however I'm super pleased with the results and its surprising strong, yet flexible.


SO far so good, no issues to report yet, instructions are very detailed and as this is my first build fairly straightforward to follow!

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there we go


pics at last!


the boom is now complete, tapered and with all metalwork

and the mast is too, tapered and covered in a metal!


next up is painting, apparently I need a matt white enamel for both

and tips on where to get this paint?


I'm guessing I want a spray not to brush?


after this its onto teh good stuff the actual hull!

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Update number 2,

boom done,

mast done,

The kit comes with a rather handy ship mount which is pretty useful

onto the hull,

central hull line support glued ensuring its super straight (apologies the name escapes me!)

horizontal spacers now all glued in,

the curvature of the hull is quite extreem in some places, so planking looks like it will be quite a task!

next step is to sort the bow and stern blocks, and sand them like crazy!


I have to paint the mast and boom with 'matt white enamel' paint,

does anyone have any recomendations on where to get this from?

In addition anyone any clue what colour to paint the top half of teh hull

(I'm jumpng the gun here but thought I'd get a jump start!


also the provided sails are printed on, does anyone have any thoughts on these

(is it better to buy new blank linen/cloth and make new ones?)




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well, arn't we all very chatty... :piratebo5:


Here's my next photo batch,

you can see the sanded bow and stern blocks and all the spacers are now sanded at

an angle to ensure planking bonds well.


The faux deck is glued on, and the provided stand has been constructed,


up next planking!


I won't bother uploading many more posts as it seems very few people

are following this one, unless I'm proved otherwise











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sorted the paint through cornwall model shop

planking here we come,

am planning on using a med viscosity CA glue, as using wood glue and nails seems like a real pain

and likely woudl take ages,


I have found a good thread here:


about using CA glue for planking then just squirting in some wood glue into the cavity before sealing up the plank.


I plan on starting at the deck line and working my way down, luckily the curvature of the hull isn;t too crazy

so bending shoudl be straightforward ish


any tips before I dive in!?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Henry.

When I built it I found the curvature very tricky. I'm now building a similar yacht and still haven't figured how to really do it. Do post a lot of photos so that we can see how you progress. 

Anyways, what I did on my second build was to temporarily place 4 planks at equal distances without bending them, to get a feeling for what I was aiming for. If you just start at deck-line and work your way down you may run into some extreme (haha) tapering...

By the way, when I taper a plank a squeeze it between to wooden blocks, letting the part I want to remove stick up. Then it's easy to cut it and sand it and you get an even cut. I'll post a picture on my Britannia log.


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  • 3 months later...

HI Henry, sorry you weren't getting much answers to your questions. I would like to see the progress of your build, this is the exact scale model of the Endeavour that I'm about to dive in to.


I suppose you already did your planking. This will be my second wooden plank-on-frame build. But, from planking with CA glue using an accelerator spray is like magic, only problem with CA glue is glue bleeding into the wood and shows up with you're planning a natural or stained finish. I plan to leave the bottom hull unpainted, so I will be extra careful on the second planking at the bottom below the water line.

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  • 2 months later...

following this, was planking the deck,

unlike LMDAVE I went old scholl and kept it all one colour,

quite tricky to do actually and super time consuming, as each plank

neede individually holding, pretty much by hand using the aliphatic

to make sure there were no unsightly gaps.


Pleased with the result, and even better, no need for wood filler!

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next steps are to mask the hull, prime it and paint half blue and leave half pure walnut,

with a gloss polycoat,


also, will probably paint the deck a gloss too?


thoughts on this?


looking to get me some Frog tape to stop and nasty bleed, and have maanged to get some 0.5mm trimline for the waterline,

wondering if I use this as a 'mask' or instead just actually use this teh line itself and just varnish over the top??

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I did almost the exact same on my build.  I did stain the two center deck planks, but the stain bled under the tape.  I should have primed it.


Also, my mahogany 2nd hull planking did not turn out as well as I would have liked.  Near the widest part of the hull, the planks wanted to bend and rise up on one side.  I clearly had not faired the bulk-heads correctly.  After some filler, sanding, priming and re-staining, the build looked a bit better.  I masked off the deck and bottom of the hull and painted a really cool blue.  After a few coats, I applied a white water line stripe (1/8" wide at O'Reilly Auto parts) and then sealed the whole hull.


I was so frustrated building the deck-house.  The instructions are out of order and I wish I had read more of the other's build first.  Trying to place the acetate after gluing up the deck-house is wrong, and then trying to keep the brass window covers in place was initially a nightmare.  I dread trying to put windows in the deck portholes. LOL


I am now working on stropping blocks.  After reading online and seeing many pictures, I think I finally figured it out.



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