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Proper lead of lower sheets and tacks

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This item is on my build log also but I thought I would post it here:




This is the spar deck of the Soleil Royal of 1669.

One thing I noticed with the way that the kevels are placed is that it would be extremely difficult to work the lines belayed here.  The lines that go to these kevels are the sheets and tacks for the courses and the sprit sail.  Another problem... the main sheets come inboard well aft near the quarter galleries and then belay amidships on one of the kevels.


Do I run the sheet over the tops of the cannon barrels or down on the deck beneath the barrels.  Either way it looks like they would foul on the cannons when worked.


Perhaps this is the reason why the sails set for battle did not include the lower courses?

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Are there some missing blocks secured to the deck where those lines come inboard that would be inboard of the rail about as far inboard as your kevels on each side? That would allow space to work the lines, clear of the guns.


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