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Corel's Bellona?


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Did anyone here finished it or can share some information of the quality of the kit? I know Harlequin's log and I love his build, I'm following it closely, even if he didn't posted for a while :)


Bellona is one of my favorite ships and I really like the idea of Corel to present the ship in natural wood colors. Internet isn't friendly too about similar builds, except one Russian forum where a guy really mastered it, picture below.




I have built before some simpler wooden ships and I want to take a step forward, oscillating between Caldercraft's Endeavour , Granado, or Corel's Bellona.


PS: this is a really great site. I'm reading it since the version 0 :) Friendly people, great tutorials, and a LOT of useful information coming from your build logs, guys.

PPS: excuse my lousy English, not my mother's language.

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Hi Moflea:


I have the Corel Bellona up on the shelf. I've not started to build it yet, but I know that Harlequin has a build log running here on MSW. I've taken a good look through the kit and it seems to be very nicely done. My experience with Corel kits (I've built 4 so far) has been mostly positive. I'm working on their HMS Greyhound right now, and this kit has a lot of problems. 


There may be a bit of variance in the quality of a single model kit depending on when it was made, how long it's been on the shelf, the climatic conditions to which it has been exposed, etc. But from a first glance it seems that the Corel Bellona is a real beauty. Send a personal message to Harlequin on this forum - he's been building it so can give you a better sense of any problems with the kit...good luck!


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I am working on a Corel kit now, good quality wood and the metal is ok, but the instructions are not the best for builders with little experience.  They seem to skip some basics while going step by step.  If you have a few ships under your belt then it isn't an issue.  My best example would be that the instructions assume you shaped a square piece of wood to match plans before reading.  

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