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Chris' 1:36 HMS Triton, maybe a new project

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Hi All,


newbie here, Chris from Germany. I'm thinking about starting a 1:36th scale HMS Triton and have looked at the first keel drawing and have started some minor CAD work, but first a bit about myself.


I have been building models all my life now but mainly aircraft and for the past several years flying scale WW1 aircraft. I designed my own, and for a short while had a company that sold my designs, but this was stopped when real work got  in the way and time became an issue. For about the last two years I have not built any models at all (apart from playing around with a Pocher Mercedes) but have started restoring an E-Type Jaguar instead (I have recently become somewhat of a car nut). Work on the Jag can become frustrating at times because I can't do very much myself due to lack of experience and equipment. When a friend asked me recently how I actually restore it I answered 'I drive parts around in the back of my car'.


Let's see if I can install some pictures here:



this is an early version B-17 I designed and built around 2007



here's an SE-5a that a customer built



and here's a Sopwith Snipe that another customaer built


This is my 'other hobby'. A 1969 Jaguar E-Type, currently undergoing complete restoration




So, I've been thinking of building a model ship. My brother, known here as Mr. Hollom, has been doing that for many years now, and I occasionally borrow books to read or just look at and enjoy the models shown there. Over the last few months I have become quite fond of the HMS Bellona, but I'm afrraid a scratch built 74 might be a bit too big for a first project. Then I was looking around for a suitable kit, and for a while thought of doing Calder Craft's HMS Diana, when I discovered this forum. The idea of building a frigate is attractive, as I think it can be handled by a first time ship builder.


I've started in my own usual way: the pdf was converted into an image jpeg using my Acrobat Reader and this was then imported into my CAD programme and scaled up by 1.333 to reach 1:36th scale. Being an Architect by profession I use an architects CAD programme, which works well for what I need it for, but it's not really possible to build a 3d model of a sailing ship with it. What I can do is draw out parts 2d like on a drawing board back in the old days. I'm hoping that building in a larger scale might have its advantages over a smaller one when it gets to the details and maybe rigging later on. So eventually I started tracing the keel drawing in a new layer.




I read in some of the other posts that showing images which contain parts of the copyrighted drawings should be avoided due to copyright restrictions, so I'll try to follow that. I really hope that copying this design into my CAD programme for my own private use does not infringe any copyright laws also. If so, please let me know. I do not intend to make any parts available later on and I will certainly not give away any file etc for kit production or similar. Redrawing the pdf is a somewhat low tech way of creating a digital version as I simply try to hit the existing lines right in the middle when redrawing them. Working with dwg or similar would be much more exacting but I don't even want to ask for them.




The keel was then broken down into its individual parts and these were laid out as on a 100*30cm plank of wood. From my WW1 modelling days I still own a CNC milling machine which a I want to use here to cut out parts. I'm not even sure if it still works, as it has been stored in my basement for a few years now and it needs to be cleaned and the computer set up again. Also I don't know how it will work on thick hardwood sheets. It could easily work its way through 6mm birch ply which was frequently used on my flying scale planes, so I'm hoping it will be fine using a 1.5mm or larger milling bit. We'll see. After completing the CAD drawing of the individual parts this is then exported into another programme to create the milling files, but more on them later.




The CAD work so far has been fun, but I really need to know more about how this model will be constructed before I want to start off the milling machine. I have seen modellers here shaving off large portions on the stem deadwood and I would like to avoid that kind of work, as I'm hoping for more of a KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) project here. So I'll pop over to the keel thread here to request access to the other files in order to study them to get the big picture of this model. I hope this CAD work I'm showing here will suffice as a project beginning.


more later



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Unfortunately we will not be able to give you access to the drawings.  This is one of the stipulations of the original drafters and the admin agrees.   There is really no need to redraw them as they are already drawn electronically and made available to model builders.   I dont understand why you would simply copy them in CAD since they are already done.


Sorry,  but we can not allow.   The only reason I can think of would be to have all parts available to laser cut or fabricate.  Something the original project was not intended for.  Plus there are no controls to ensure the parts are not sold or reused for other purposes.  It would not be fair to the folks who worked for years researching and drafting the electronic plans we already have.




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Sorry Peter...but we have been taken to the cleaners before.  This is not what the project was created for.  No reason to redraft the plans.  Then the arguments begin about who owns the redrafted plans....it just gets ugly.   Folks seeing the parts take shape and asking you privately to sell them the pieces.   Putting you and the site in an awkward position.  It happens all the time.   We already have other sites distributing the plans to its members after they signed up here for them and the funny thing is they arent continuing the logs here.  Instead they continue them on other european sites along with others who now have the plans.


Its just not right and this is an unusual request beyond the scope of what the project was intended for.  The project was started to allow folks to learn how to make the parts by hand using various means.   Not have them laser cut or milled  and the plans redrawn.


Sorry,   we mean no ill-will but as others have said.  Simply get a set of plans from the NMM and make something  electronically.  I am actually doing the same as well.  You will learn a lot more about lofting frames and such rather than just copy what is already drafted by someone else.  In addition the plans are only given to folks who have shown they have built the keel and other parts initially.  Just redrawing them doesnt count.  Chris only has two posts on the site and none since attempting to get the plans.  That is also a red flag.  No interest shown in the other logs or other areas of the site or our members.  Look at it from our perspective.   We dont know you at all.





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