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25-30 years ago DIY stores here in the UK sold nothing but Ramin dowels unless you wanted a broom handle. Last week I happened to check out the wood stock in my local DIY store and all the dowel is made from Pine. So what happened to Ramin dowel, is it a "fashion" thing or something else? Don't need any, just asking ... :-)

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Yes and hmm, my Billings kit of Danmark (limited version) is supposed to use ramin for hull planking.

That's at least to their material list.

According to a site handling wood there are 30+ species of this wood, many of them are "farm raised".

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Interesting Dr Per,Billings always used to list their hull planking as Obeche which is quite different from the rock hard ramin that the DIY stores used to sell in the UK

Kind Regards Nigel


it certainly is rock hard, wish it came with Obeche especially for the curve around the stern.

But as this one still awaits to be built I have plenty of time changing the planking material.

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Ramin is regarded as a protected species depending on its country of origin and is listed on CITES http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonystylus


Importation into the EU or US can lead to stiff fines and or prison in the US. or EU UK would be subject to the EUTR Regs or the Lacey Act in the US. The consequences on the importer for illegal logged timber entering the supply chain is likely to result in series legal implications - fines and or prison in the US. I dont think there is much FSC certified timber around which can demonstrate sustainable timber through certification in the supply chain - known as chain of custody. 



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Ramin is basicly anigre i did a little research because i have an old kit from Artesania Latina and was looking for the same wood that came with it basically from research ramin is also known as anigre with you can find all day on ebay hope this wasn't too late 

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