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Niagara jibboom outhaul tackle question.


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I have been building Model Shipways brig Niagara for some years now, and p.5 of the plans [The Rigging Profile] shows near the upper right corner of the sheet a diagram of the jibboom outhaul tackle. I believe I understand the diagram, except. . . .at the bottom of the diagram the 0.016 in. line connects to. . . . what?


Can anyone tell me where this line goes to, ties to, or ???


Thanks in advance if you can tell me where this line is connected.  BLarock

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Hello BL

I think they tie back to the belaying pin rack situated in the bow

Let me know what you think

If you haven't already it would be a good idea if you started a build log so

we can all watch, help and encourage




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