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Occre San Ildefonso vs Montanes 74 Gun Ship


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Could you post photos or at least a link, so we can see them, please?

There aren't but two options: do it FAST, or do it RIGHT.


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So much to build, so little time!



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Thank you, here it is:



Montanes 74 Gun Ship of the Line 1:70 Scale

Occre Montanes
The Montañés represents the maximum level of perfection achieved by Spanish naval architecture, when Spanish ships-of-the-line were a match for those of any navy in the world. The figurehead of this ship is not the royal lion but a montañes (highlander), in gratitude for the financial contribution towards her construction made by the people of the mountains. She was launched in Ferrol on 14th May 1794. It is said that she was an extraordinary vessel, whether sailing close to the wind, running free or with a following wind, and that, more than any other ship, she kept her batteries out of the water. She was engaged in a number of battles, including Trafalgar, where she mounted 76 guns and 4 carronades with mortars, located on her quarter deck. On 6th March 1810, in a violent storm, she sank off the Bay of Cadiz.

Scale: 1:70
Length: 1250mm
Height: 895mm
Width: 470mm
Part No: OC15000


San Ildefonso 1:70 Scale

In 1784 Work on the construction of the ship San Ildefonso began in Cartagena, based on a design by José Romero de Landa, who had been asked to build a 74-gun ship that would serve as a prototype for the future vessels of the Spanish Royal Navy, and under his direction.

Following favourable reports from her sea trials, she was adopted as the model for another seven ships that were built over the coming years, and which came to be known as the "Ildefonsinos".

After seeing action on numerous occasions, both in the Mediterranean Squadron and the Ocean Squadron, she took part in the battles of Cape St. Vincent, in 1797, and Trafalgar, in 1805. At Trafalgar, under Commodore Don José Vargas, and forming a part of the combined fleet's observation squadron, she was one of the fastest in the fleet. 34 of her crew members were killed and another 148 wounded.

Scale: 1:70
Length: 1250mm
Height: 895mm
Width: 470mm
Part No: OC15004



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Since they're both 74's and from the same time period, they both will probably seem to look alike. The differences will most likely be in the lines and the details....

"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

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I was just looking at this model on the occre website and it's available to buy in installments which would be an ideal way for me to build my next big ship. Is this a safe and quality way to go? I was looking between this one and the Trinidad both which are available in installment build and appear to be nice pieces. any thoughts would be very helpful.

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The box really is not so big. If you want to build the kit as is then buy entire kit. If you plan to use parts of the kit but also to use your own timber or fittings etc then it might be better to only buy the installments which you want and to buy the rest from somewhere else.

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