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Workshop issues

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Not much to report on the model building front. Unseasonably warm weather, and a less than perfect insulating job on the roof of the shop has resulted in some serious Ice dam flooding.


Water came down at the window where my lath was and the water splashed over the tools on the window ledge resulting in a major reorganization of where things are situated. I had to take the time to dry off all the small stands of drills reamers and mill bit along with some custom tools, this really was a pain.




The silver lining is that this event has forced me to rethink the entire layout of the shop and the equipment, tool and material Storage. So instead of rushing this work I am taking my time to reset these things, building new racks and drawers for tools and materials. It is also a good opportunity to de-clutter the workplace.




When the shop was laid out originally i was more focused on model engineering and steam work, now that I have found my true calling (model boats) I am organizing so that the various elements work in better harmony and flow. And now of course I have Gaetan and Mark's workshops as examples of great organization to guide my thinking.
















Now that I have all the metal work sorted I can start on the wood storage and the tools for it.


I will be back to work on the cutter hopefully within the next week or so.



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John, its not all its cracked up to be evidently it is full of cracks so it seems I have stripped more off the north wall now because it continues to leak The spring cannot come fast enough i will have to take all the sheeting off the north wall and dry it out thoroughly and then re-sheet, and then put metal on the roof, the inside will need more insulation.


I do not see our winters getting less extreme than this one so far.


So far today all I have done is dry stuff off and move them out of the way of the flow.


I was going to tackle another section of the shop but nature is doing the dictating at the moment.



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Thanks for the comments and concern.


As it is back down around the -20 mark, the water is solid again and I will only be able to fully solve this when it is spring (late April to May)

I will remove the outside sheathing to let the wet that is inside dry off and deal with the roof.



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