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Jib Boom Shrouds Question


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Hello everyone, I am building the Bluejacket Jefferson Davis. (My build log was on the pre-crash site).

After the hull was completed, building slowed down to a crawl, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that the rigging instructions read something like "Follow the sail plan". So I have spend an awful lot of time researching how the rigging should proceed.

I am now rigging the Bowsprit and have one question. I cannot figure out how the jib boom shrouds are lashed to the jib boom. See the blue arrow in the attached picture. It is lashed to the jib boom goes back to the catheads. Can anyone give me an idea of how this lashing is done? I thought about seizing a loop into the line, but if I do it that way, the lines would be coming off of the bottom of the jib boom. The plan shows the lines coming off the jib boom in the center of the boom, not the bottom.

Thanks for any help you can offer.post-1478-0-39997700-1390602020_thumb.jpg


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Could you go through the boom at the tip?



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Seize a loop in the middle of the line just as you would a mast shroud. Slip it over the end of the jib boom and you have two lines, one on either side, to be led back the catheads port and starboard. The loop will rest against the shoulder formed near the end of the jib boom as depicted in your drawing.



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If you seize a loop like one of the mast shrouds you will get both jib boom shrouds coming off a single point.  Not what you want.  A cut splice would be better. The jib boom shrouds would then come to either side of the jib boom. 



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Thanks for clarifying. That was really what I meant to say, but my terminology was flawed. Druxey had it right from the start. The cut splice would be the way to go. In any case, the idea is to have that resting against the shoulder near the end of the jib boom and have the shrouds come off that going on either side.



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Geez...that was fast.

 Jay, I can;t put another hole in the jib boom. There already is a hole where the sheave is installed.


I never heard of a cut splice before, but Google has a lot of pictures of the splice.

So as soon as I practice a little bit, a cut splice it will be.


Thank you all for your help.

(And I will try to re post my build log, a little bit at a time.)

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