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San Juan Nepomuceno Barge by Kenway - Artesania Latina - 1:25 scale - SMALL

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my name is Adrian and i come from Germany. While playing AC4 Black Flag recently my interest for sailships was (re)awakened. Being in the hobby for at least 25 Years i have practically all the tools i need, including but no limited to, a cnc mill. This is my first ship, though. I have been into planes all these years, but my dad built some nice ships. I remember him spending a whole evening building 2 cannons or carving figures for the transom over weeks.


So, for the start i ordered this little ship. (I ordered the Virginia 1819 2 days after beginning with it, this will be my next build log after this is completed).


Today i completed the first planking of the hull. It was my first time doing this, but it turned out quite well. Virginia will be the next challenge, this one i want to build with more patience.




I wound some thread around the jaws, maybe that's not historically accurate, but i looks definitely better than just glued together.




For attaching the bowsprit to the main mast, i remembered a knot from my time at the THW (a german agency for disaster control). Again, maybe not historically correct, but good looking.




Thats all for today, see you.



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