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Chesapeake Bay Flattie - acdblujns - Midwest - SMALL

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I started this build log a little more than a year ago; unfortunately it was lost in the great crash. I wasn’t too far along when life intervened to take up my time on this little boat.

I’ll post the older photos and then move along from there. More photos in the next couple of days.


Thanks for looking!








Current Build - Midwest Chesapeake Flattie

Next Build - Wye River Models "Virginia Built" Round Stern Workboat

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The flattie is a nice little boat.  Have fun with the build.



Every build is a learning experience.


Current build:  SS_ Mariefred


Completed builds:  US Coast Guard Pequot   Friendship-sloop,  Schooner Lettie-G.-Howard,   Spray,   Grand-Banks-dory

                                                a gaff rigged yawl,  HOGA (YT-146),  Int'l Dragon Class II,   Two Edwardian Launches 


In the Gallery:   Catboat,   International-Dragon-Class,   Spray

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I love the small ones. I look forward to seeing more.

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Hi Pat,


What a clean job you're doing. Any comments on the quality of the kit?



completed models:

Shenandoah (Corel)


waiting on the shelf:

La Sirene (Corel)

Half Moon (Corel)

Puritan (Mamoli)




Patsy (derisively): "It's only a model."

Arthur: "Sshhh."




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Here's where I am so far.


I've brushed on a couple of primer coats of flat white acrylic, I still need to do some more sanding and a couple of spots to fill then I will be ready to spray. Anyone have any ideas on giving a slight sheen to the flat white. I don't want to go all out gloss because it would look out of scale, but just enough gloss to look like the old Valspar paint.


I wanted to bash the kit a little, so I added a small bowsprit,and changed the rudder to a more traditional looking one. The instructions indicated that it was not uncommon to spike a short bowsprit in order to add a larger jib.


I have the mast sanded, boom, and gaff done also. I'm working on rebuilding the companion way cover and hatch boards.


Steve, I have found the quality to be pretty good. I think taking my time and not rushing has made all the difference.


Thanks everyone for the kind words, It's moving forward slowly but surely.









Current Build - Midwest Chesapeake Flattie

Next Build - Wye River Models "Virginia Built" Round Stern Workboat

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The flattie looks great so far. The primer coat looks very nice. Great work.



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Midwest kits are historically corrects and great for learning and bashing!    


IMHO, 'burnishing' the paint should result in a finish that reflects 'just enough light'. While sanding 'removes' the paint to get a smooth surface, burnishing 'compresses' the paint.  Burnishing also makes the paint harder and more durable.      


There are no set rules or 'how to' burnish paint, you just need to find a process that works with the paint you are using.  The timing to burnish a painted surface is somewhere between applying the paint and the paint setting up. That sounds ambiguous, but water content plays a big part.  How the surface is burnished will determine the final surface.  I've used paper towels, fabric rags, crushed news paper (on black paint only), hardwood blocks and even my shirt sleeve to burnish.


I have the flattie on the shelf and I'm watching your build to see all the changes you make.


Dee Dee    

Current Build

 - Glad Tidings -MS  

Completed Builds

 - Dragon - Corel - One design International Class Yacht

 - Sloup Coquillier / Shell Fish Sloop - Corel - Based on 'Bergere de Domremy / Shepherdess from Domremy

 - Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack - Scratch build based on drawings from Chapelle's book "American Small Sailing Craft" 

On the Shelf

 - Gretel-Mamoli     - Emma C. Berry-MS    - Chesapeake Bay Pilot Boat, Semi-scratch 



Find yourself hoping you never reach your destination


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