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HMS Bellerophon 1786 by AON – scale 1:64 – 74 gun 3rd Rate Man of War, Arrogant Class

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Good morning Mark.


Yes that might have been a possibility except the timber body outline is from slicing the 3D model and then the centerline was sketched in, followed by the chocks and scarph joints on one side, then mirrored.  So if my centerline was off the mirrored items would not have fallen inside the frame outline but rather crossing to be outside of it, and I hope I would have spotted that.


What is as bad as having traced this onto a piece of wood and cutting it out and not noticing, I keep a log of my builds and bind them into a book for myself.  I snipped an image of frames off my drawing and copied it into my log quite some time ago.  It just so happens it was this frame and it's mate.  I didn't notice it then either!


I must have sketched it once wrong, made the correction on the other side and then didn't delete the original and mirror the proper.  It is the only thing that makes sense.


I worked for someone whose favourite saying was "it is what it is".  I argued "it is what you make it, and if you choose not to change the outcome, then you choose what it is".... I choose this to be correct.


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English must be my second language
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I had a couple good weeks of framing, followed by yet another needle in the left eye and a few days recovery.


Then I decided to work on something different for a change of scenery.  Always nice to do that occasionally, finish something completely for a change as you can only fool yourself for so long that having completed yet one more frame is a major achievement  8*)


My Mississippi Plank River Raft (1830-1840) based on the description by Mark Twain in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

The raft hovers above with the riverbed below (on top of the book).  Crayfish and shrimp traps on the riverbed with wooden buoys floating above on either side of the raft at the imaginary water level.


Photo below.   

Just needs a display case and name plate.


I was back onto frames yesterday.


Figure 1.jpg

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Well, I just today finished my one hole 16'-9" Aleutian hunting Baidarkas (Kayak) frame build.

Photo posted below for your amusement.

I will be writing this one up and submitting it for publication in the Nautical Research Journal.

My River Raft (above) was published in the issue that came out today.

Then I'll be back full time on my Billy Ruffian.

My Kayak build.jpg

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Good afternoon Druxey!


An article by Eric Schrade in the 2010 May/June issue of Ships in Scale, augmented with articles by David Zimmerly in the February/March and April/May 1983 issues of the Small Boat Journal.


I am presently 3D printing my mounting device for the Kayak.




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Thank you for the kind words regarding my two side builds: the plank river raft and the Aleut hunting kayak.  The raft was published in the last NRJ (Nautical Research Journal) and the kayak will hopefully be published in the fall issue.


Well, it has been a long time but... nope, I haven't finished the darned frames.  Yesterday I did complete the making and installing of the forward straight frames from the cant frames back to midships (C) FWD, approaching the dead flat.  As those either side of the dead flat are a similar but thicker frame I will do them last to fill in the gap. Tomorrow I begin installing the aft half and hope to have them done by... sometime.


So y'all can go back to sleep now. :rolleyes:

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