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I recently bought model expo's fair-a-frame and regret the waste of money. It's unstable, week, and the parts that's supposed to do the actual work of squaring bulkheads can't be clamped in place, nor does it have the weight or anything to push against the bulkheads. It moves, wobbles from side to side and simply does not stay in place, thus cannot hold anything square.

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I get the impression that anything called 'fair' a something, 'loom' a something, or whatever else a something, is a complete waste of money and doesn't do the job. I don't think there are any real short cuts to rigging, or any other task in model making – there is only the correct way, very often how it was done on the actual ship. It might take longer, but it's worth getting it right.  

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trying to figure out a way to make it work. Mount it to the workbench, but I need some decent weights to push against the... Whatever the **** you call the piece that's supposed to slide against the bulkheads. The base is perfectly square, so in theory it could work. My daddy never raised any quitters. Damn it. I'm also thinking on rails that can be mounted about 2/3 from the stem of the ship onto the base that I can adjust the length of, to push against the whatever the *** you call the part that's supposed to push against the bulkhead to keep them square. Whataya call that thing? I call it the square®. Or in this case, the squareless.


If it works, I'll keep y'all up to date. If you don't hear anything assume I'm, I'm I'm a failure... :angry:

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