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Birch ply is common in all the Calderkraft kits , no issues with it its good material and used in the false keel and frames and even down to 2mm for the deck, birch dowel is widely used for the masts. i wouldnt use it for planking its just too thick 2 to 5 mm are the usual thickness on ply but often widely used in gunport templates where ply sections are often precut with the ports to aid assembly and marking out. I never considred that in my reply until now, never considered birch veneer but I suspect its too white and would neet staining.



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I've been 'playing' with some solid wood birch and thinking about trying it on the ME 18th Century long boat.  Instead of purchasing birch strips, I purchased a small box of 'coffee stir sticks.'  The stir sticks measures 1/4" x 1/16" x 7.5" and cost about $10. 


Pros:  Very easy to work with.  After soaking, it will twist and bend to any shape needed.  Sands to a nice smooth finish. Able to get a sharp corner. 


Cons:  If used as outer planking, it's easy to sand to the point where the 'definition' of the planks is lost.  Not as strong as basswood and may flex if the bulkheads are too far apart.  Does not stain well. 


While playing with the strips, I found that all 8 sides of the plank need to be fitted before bending.  This is due to the 'flexy' nature of the wood.


Hopes this helps.


Dee Dee 

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