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Staining Blocks


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Okay, I have tumbled my blocks into a nice shape. Now I think I need to stain them so they have time to cure before I use them. What would be the color recommendation for the USS Constitution's blocks? Also, what is the best method for staining them. My current thought would be dipping them all in a jar and rolling them out in paper towels to get excess off and dry.


Is there a better type of stain to use? 



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So I stained the blocks this afternoon. I tried a few different methods. First, I tried rolling them around and rubbing them with a paper towel soaked with stain. Unfortunantly, this also proved to be pretty messy and if the towel was not soaked, it did not get into the grooves. The larger blocks I just dipped individually then rubbed the excess off with a towel. The smaller ones I ended up taking a large spoon and putting them all in the bowl, then using a dropper added enough stain to it to coat them all. Then I scrapped them off onto a paper towel and rubbed the excess off. 


All in all, I did not find a method that wasn't messy, but I got them all done. Than you all for your assistance. Holding my hand made all the difference.

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