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HMS Dreadnought by zeptraderUK - 1/200 - CARD

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This is my diary of HMS Dreadnought made from CARD, something I picked up to stop the boredom during my tea break (15mins) and lunch (30mins) at work, and belive me the people I work with a boring!!!!


So this cost me all of £6, took some tools in and while stuffin' me face I build this.


























more in the next post....

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Thanks Tim and Andy, I helps me also get into work on a cold Monday morning, knowing that I want to do this or that on the model, and yeah if you get a ships door in your order you know where it came from..ha


Its slow (time is limited) but this is exactly what I want it to be, absorbing and therapeutic..at work?..cant be bad.



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Nice going, Zep. A great way to spend lunches productively. I was (from the early photos) going to suggest you invest in a scalpel, but I see you've already done that in the more recent ones. Much easier, isn't it? 


On another note, I smiled when I saw where you are. I grew up a few miles from you, in Sidcup and Eltham. I imagine it's changed a bit in the 50 years I've been away!

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Thanks for the comments,


Slog, yes it does have a full hull, only I chose to do the waterline.


druxey, Yeah I've always used a scalpel, number 10a all the way:), wow your a SE London lad then..ha, I was born in Lewisham, grew up in the Ferrier Estate in Kidbrooke, moved and lived for some years in Eltham (Well Hall) and now I live in Welling. Its has changed....a lot.

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