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HMS Victory by guraus - scale 1:48 plank on frames

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For the moment I gave up on the windows after several unsuccessful attempts. I am not happy with those that are now in place but I said I can change them later if I can make a better version. In the mean time I decided not to install any masts and started the upper deck framing but got lazy with the posting till somebody reminded my of it (thanks Bob  :)) and here it is the past due update:










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Fantastic progress, Alexandru. Its great to see the photos showing the whole deck. You don't need much imagination to believe your back in 1759-65 and surveying the real thing under construction! Your mastery in modelling and your posts really serve to remind us of just what feats of engineering these ships really were. One just runs out of superlatives to describe your work!


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1/48 scale! Many modelers have built (and are building) HMS Victories, but how many chose 1/48 scale? I remember the Longridge model is none feet long! Or maybe the case it resides in was nine feet? I wonder if you plan to rig the model? where this huge model go when it is completed?


No, I finally decided not to rig the model exactly because of its size. The hull itself is 56in long. For now I have no idea where will I put her when is done but at the speed I am advancing this will not be an issue fore several more years at least.


SawdustDave, Bob, and everybody who liked my pictures, thank you for appreciation.




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Alexandru, I have admired the work on Longridge's Victory for a long time, your model has taken this ship model and raised it to a whole new level of craftsmanship and detail.




I agree!  I don't post much on your build because I can't find the words to express my amazement and I would just be repeatedly saying the same thing over and over.  By the way, a 56 inch long hull is nothing less than awesome!  I keep looking at the entire build over and over to see what I missed the previous times through the photos!


Thank you so much for giving us the privilege of seeing you work!



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