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HMS Victory by guraus - scale 1:48 plank on frames

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Ah, the art of model building! Hat down to your work.

I went thru your build log, where i saw your case for the wonderful model. Maybe you already know that, but if you ll ever take pics of it once inside the case, it s possible to avoid reflections in the glass by using a polarizer filter in front of the lens. Obviously this means that you ll use an interchangable lens camera, like a DSRL, or a MILC. One drawback of this is that the filter will take away about a stop of light (-1 EV) which means only half of the light will reach the sensor, so you ll need more light. 



Yea you are right about the glass..............but it is better to have this wonderful model, behind glass to stop the dust and little (and some time big) fingers from touching it.

Alexandru can take allthe photos before it wiĺ be encased for security.


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G'day Alexandru

I'm glad that you didn't say "a little update" as you use to say.

When I see that you have posted photos, I click on the first to enlarge, and after absorbing all i can see, I'll click on the next. And so on. When I reach the last one, I'll say dame to myself because there are no more

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Hello Alexandru,


please let me tell you first, that I am a big fan of your work and your skills. 

Not only that you give me a lot of inspiration -  if I am unsure about a detail, I always look in your forum. I do not dare to say that we have the same hobby. I think your work is exceptional!


But now I was surprised the first time and a little bit shocked. It is clear to see that the ornament is broken. And I think it´s happening at the beginning of production. Why did you continue with it and use this broken piece? This ornament should be an eye-catcher and must look the best as possible!


I had the same problem on my victory. I did not wanted to use the pieces of my kit and tried to make them myself. It took me several attempts and a lot of time to do. But I think it was worth it. 


Alexandru, please think about it, to make this ornament new. I could not believe that I am the only one to see it. Every time I look on your photo, my eyes seem to jump on this fracture. Especially at this point of the ship, an error would be a real shame.


I hope you don´t mind me, that a beginner like me, start to criticize something you have made. But I find it important to say my honest opinion. 


Best wishes to you, Alexandru!

And thank you much for sharing your skills with us !!!


- Heinz -

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I don't mind any criticism from anybody - so don't worry about that.


You picked on exactly same thing my wife did. I tried to convince her (and me) that is ok, you can barely see it. Took me about three hours to do it so it will require another three hours to redo but the thing is already glued there and I won't like to have to replace more because I broke something else while I try to take it off.


I won't tell that I will do it for sure but I will think about it. And I will only try to remove and replace the piece when I have a new one better looking done.



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Hello , of course I saw this break but I know how much it is time then I understand that Alex hesitate to redo everything . I remake but is that worth ?


Hello Isalbert,


Is that worth?... I think: Yes, it is. When you work on that level and 99,99% is perfect (you are absolutely right, Dave :-) ), 3 hours overtime should´t be an argument. Although it is natural human. And I know very well how it feels when you made something not perfect. You know that you can do it better. And you think about the time (hours, days, weeks?) you spend for nothing, when you trash your work. 


But I also made the experience, that you will always look and think on that one thing you did not made as good as you can. Even if nobody else see it - you see it for yourself. And every time I renew a piece and made it better than before I came to the realization, that it was worth the time, work, material, etc.


I can not compare myself with Alexandru. But if you look at the construction of my Victory, you can see what I mean. Of course, looking at my Victory there are many mistakes of a beginner. But I told myself: no matter how long it took me; no matter how often I have to renew something, no matter if I have to buy new material... I will make it the best I can with my limited tools and skills. I am glad if someone like what I do; but I only do it for me. 


So please, Alexandru, I know you find a way to remove that broken piece. Please renew it for yourself, your wife and me :-)))). 


By the way... ... I took a look at your profile and found some photos of your Vic. I don´t know the words to say how impressed I am. I am not able to imagine how it´s possible to work on such a level. Even if the model has a larger scale, it´s amazing. It feels like I am working on a paper boat... 

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As promised I give it a try to redo that broken decoration. In fact I had to give two tries as number 2 also broke but at finishing not at cutting this time. Luckily number 3 was a success as I didn't plan to go for number 4. Also the removing of the already glued piece proved to be a very easy thing - in fact it came down in a single piece. Maybe because glueing on ebony is not as strong as on other wood essence.


I am quite happy with the results. Thank you Heinz! If you wouldn't have insisted I would almost sure let it like that.


Here are the pictures.























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  • 1 month later...

Hello all,


This is the last update of this build log as I decided the project is completed - I'm working on it for 9 years now so it was just about time to declare it finished. For all who followed my build these long years and are interested to see her in "completed" state here is the link to my personal web site where you can see the last set of pictures made just before putting her in the case: http://www.alexshipmodels.com/2016/07/09/hms-victory-gallery/


Thank you very much for your support and see you again soon when I start working on my next project.




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Hello Alexandru, 


I am excited about your model. I think your victory is the benchmark for all of us!


With your outstanding work you have shown us, what is possible to do with wood. 


I want to say thank you for sharing your amazing skills with us. It was a pleasure to watch your Victory grow. 


I wish you all the best for you and your further projects!!!



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For now I do not have a brand new project and before starting one, I want to finish an already started project on Victory main mast section. Here is the build log:





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