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HMS Victory by guraus - scale 1:48 plank on frames

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Where does someone find the time to build something like this? I have enough trouble fitting in an hour or two here and there to put together my plastic model. These ships took years to build in real time. Hundreds of workers for years at a time. You have the same number of parts to fashion, do the work alone yet still manage to assemble these works of art in something under a lifetime..... Amazing.

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Hello all,

Thanks for the comments and the interest in my build.


Here is a small update with the progress on the main capstan.

Not completed yet but so far I've done the spindle from a square piece of boxwood on the lathe. Next I milled it for 10 whelps on lower deck and on the middle deck 12.

The lower deck drum has 12 square holes for the bars. Initially I wanted to do it from two pieces each milled half of the bar thickness as you can see in figure 7. The problem was that the two halves didn't mach so I was unable to align the square holes. So I did the next best thing - cut the notches deeper only on the lower half then glued the upper part which was a simple disk. 

The groove on the top of the drum was fitted with an ebony ring milled to fit and glued in place.

This is all I've managed to do so far but I'll continue tomorrow.


Thank you












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Hello Alexandru.

Stunning , Brilliant , Gorgeous ..I can go on and on with the comments that come into my head after looking at your build.

Wonderful use of the lathe and mill. Must have been a machinist in your past life :)


What more can I say... Stuck for word's that do your build justice.


Regards Antony.

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Hello all,


Thank you for the great comments.


Here are some more progress pictures. Still not done yet but closer now.


I am glad now that my indexing attachment can be set to any of the 360 degrees of a circle as the upper drumhead has 14 holes for bars. Which means almost 26 degrees but not exactly, so 10 angles were 26 and 4 - 25 degrees. I can't find the closer ones anymore.


Un the second picture the black ebony ring with identations is a replacement of the metallic piece used to block the pawls. It was inserted in the fixed part of the capstan - biggest disk in the right of the third picture.


Then I have to make the fore capstan...













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WOW. a 1:48 HMS Victory. Awesome work. In the full scale boatbuilding threads I usually follow and contribute to, we have a "Standard reference for scale". It is known to many as a "beer bottle".  Gives us a good idea of the scale of things we're seeing in a picture. Maybe some scale reference would be nice to see how big she really is. Great work. Look forward to seeing her progress. 

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Another incredibly awesome build and log.

I aspire to be 1/4 as good as this if I should live so long.

(my darling wife is going to be so upset with the amount of time I'll be spending here)


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