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Hey folks,  I am building the Bluenose from Model Shipway's.  I have looked at the Bluenose build logs on the forum and in one of them the person, don't remember which build log, said it would have been helpful to put in a false deck before planking the deck.  The kit does not have or call for one.  It makes sense to me and I would like to do that.  What will this affect, if anything, with the contruction outcome?  Also, what wood to use?


Thanks,  Poppi

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I used a false deck on my current project and it made planking the deck much easier. Not strictly historically accurate, but easier.


The two things you need to consider are


1. the thickness of the deck overall. If your deck is supposed to say 1/16" thick, then your false deck needs to be 1/32" thick and then the deck planking 1/32" thick. You do not want to raise the deck up too high. This will cause problems with the model's appearance.


2. the false deck material. You need something stable that will not crack or split on you. Plywood is a good choice. You can get plywood down to 1/64" thick, so there should not be a problem getting it. You can break the false deck into sections. It does not have to be laid as a single piece. Breaking it into sections will make it easier to fit. The seams do not have to be perfect either since you will plank over them.


Hope this helps.



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    I use a method very much described by Russ by using strips (1/2" to 1") of thin wood run lengthwise.  This allows the false deck conform to both camber and sheer curves with no buckling. 


    I have used both thin (model aircraft birch) plywood and basswood.  If the size of the model requires you to reduce something in order to achieve the proper thickness, I choose to sand down the bulkhead a little rather than make he planking thinner. 


    This gives you a more stable base for planking.  The thicker deck helps when securing deck furniture, eyebolts, etc.

Chuck Seiler
San Diego Ship Modelers Guild
Nautical Research Guild

Current Build:
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Thanks Russ and Chuck,  I like your ideas.  I will use one of them after I see what I can "round up" in the wood department.   Since I have not glued the bulkheads to the keel my options are open.  Thanks again,



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