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Lettie G. Howard -fishing schooner by maurino -Finished

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Ciao Mauro,


Your Lettie Howard is looking  very nice.  Do not forget to scrape a little of the paint on the bulkheads when you glue  on the bulkhead stanchions so the glue gets into the wood. . 

Are you going to include the foretop mast or leave it off as she is rigged today? 


Thank you for posting the photos.

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@ David , I hope that my model is satisfactory for me and for those who follow my work ...


@ Michael, thank you very much, I hope not to disappoint you!


@ Allanyed, I do not know yet how I will do my model, I started from the designs of the "Lettie" but mine will be a model of fantasy, a work in progress ................


To all of you I apologize for my post, I'm using the Google translator is not always fully understand your questions ...........

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Hi Bob , mine is a schooner built from the plans of the "Lettie" but is a fantasy model . Will look like but does not want to be copying . I want to make a generic schooner , not identical to the original , customized by me . I will follow your work, it will be for me a source of inspiration .



Sounds like you're in it for the fun of the build.  That's great and lots of fun.  I'm anxious to see the finished boat.



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I see things are moving on the "tape side plating"....


I found your solution so nice that I had itching fingers to give it a Trial myself. Here the result made with an old Wood file. Put alu or copper tape (shiny side up) partially on it and rubbed it down and over with a rubber erasor,

I must say, very good idea of yours..




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