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Chinese Trading Junk by marktime - Finished

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A long time ago in a Modelshipworld forum far, far away ...I started a scratch build based on Amati's pirate junk. All went well and I was enjoying the challenge of a first scratch build until, until.... I used 17th century furniture to support the upper deck railings. I actually thought they looked rather neat, especially as I spent an ice age ensuring they were equidistant. :huh:


Not so, said my mentors. :10_1_10:Take them off and do it again. 


So after 6 years or so of muttering, I've done the deed, ripped out the old and replaced them with something more vernacular.


So here's the restart. All comments more than welcome.





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In the sailmaker's loft


One of the problems at working at this scale, 1:100 is to keep things in proportion. For example, using 5 mm dia. material for the main mast means it would  be a 5 metre diameter mast at deck level!


I used placemat material as pictured to make the battens.




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Vivian's question about figureheads prompts me to talk about the stern decoration of junks. Many of the hundreds of illustrations of Chinese junks that you can view on the internet show an enormous range of stern decoration,and the bigger the junk, the more ornate the artistry.


Not being an artist of any merit, I used a modified Amati pattern and coloured it with poster paints. I used a monstrous face as anyone who has spent time in the Far East will know that Chinese art falls into two broad categories, either delicate washes in watercolour and ink or brightly coloured monstrous figures of demons or dragons. My attempt falls into the latter "school" but that presents a problem of coordinating the colours with the Walnut, Pear and Sapele used in the hull construction.


My solution was to paint the lower hull off-white (actually "cotton white" whatever that is) and frame the stern decoration in the same colour. I think it successfully links the two elements. What do you think?


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Mainsail Rigging


I've followed Arne Kverneland's scheme in rigging this junk.




I rigged in the following order:

  • Batten parrels
  • Halyard hoist
  • Sheetlets and euphroe
  • Tack line and tack parrel
  • Yard hauling parrel
  • Lazy jacks
  • An extra clew line to create tension on the rigging


The stay on the mizzen mast is a temporary feature.











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That's an interesting concept, S.os. but no, that's one experiment I haven't tried. Thanks for thumbs to you and others.


Will be a challenge when I come to the mizzen sail as I don't yet see how the sheetlets can be operated, It might be that there is a different way to rig the mizzen. Anyone know or have a source?

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First of all, thanks for encouragement from Aussie, Senior ole salt and AntonyUK and all who ticked "Like this".


Rigging finished except for Sampan and port and starboard companionway rigging.


Then on to make and rig anchors.


I'm thinking of donating this model to a model supplies shop here in Tenerife.Three have closed because of the recession so I would hope that seeing a finished model in their shop window might encourage others to take up the hobby and support this last shop that is teetering along.


Might put a load of tea chests on the deck as these cargo junks brought tea in to load the clippers.


Click on the images for a larger version.







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Only just saw your log. IMO the problem with many models I have seen of junks is that they do not capture the "Chinese" feel, but yours does that really well. I love the sails and the stern ornamentation as well as all the little details that you put in there. Well done!

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