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Looking at Model Shipways period ships 19th century, are there any in particular that have larger parts like dead eyes, blocks, canons, etc? I have read somewhere were some ships are easier to build than others because of this.

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Hello Stuntflyer.

It's all relative to the size of the real ship and the scale of the model.

Of course the bigger the scale, the bigger the parts are and the easier they are to handle.

Think of a 100 mt ship in 1/100 scale. The size of the model would be 100/100=1 mt.

Now think of a part, lets say a plank, that in the real ship measures 1 mt. At that scale the part will measure 1 divided by 100 = .01 mt or 1 centimeter.

But if the real ship was 50 mts, then the part would be .5 centimeter.

So, the bigger the ship and the bigger the scale, the bigger the parts. Hope this makes sense.

Take also in account that 1/50 is bigger than 1/100. This is somehow confusing to some people for obvious reasons.

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