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Mare Nostrum


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After seeing what I feel to be a great price for the Mare Nostrum kit I have been researching builds here. I've come across one thing that worries me though. That there may not be enough of the finer (walnut, mahogany) woods supplied to finish the kit. Is this the norm, or maybe just somebody got shorted in their kit? The great price isn't so great at all if I have to buy more expensive wood to build it.

Thanks for the input.


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There have been a lot of complaints with AL on this site, that being one of them.  Best bet would be to purchase a group of walnut and mahogany strips to build it with.  it might cost more but it will save you the stress when building.

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I personally have never run out of wood planks, certainly not fopr the second planking.  I have read comments about some Corel or Constructo kits of the cheaper ranges, that include just the right amount of wood...


But of course, I think one should think during the building about using the right lengths of wood at the right place.  For instance, second planking veneer need not necessarily be glued in one full length.  If you plank the hull with 2 or 3 strips i.o. one long strip, you will most certainly nicely finish the hull and keep a nice bunch of spare planks, whatever the kit brand.  And the Mare Nostrum is most probably a hull that would benefit from using shorter lengths of veneer.


Just an idea.

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My kit came with 4 strips of mahogany and was at least 6 strips short of what they call "Sapelli" for doing the second planking of the hull. I do have some veneers coming in from "Modelers Shipyard" out of Australia. I seems the only place I could find the size I needed: 0.6 x 5mm. It's a fun kit to build though!!

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