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US Brig Syren by Shaz - Model Shipways - 1:64 (version 2.0)

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Hi Robbyn, just caught up with your log. First and most importantly am sending prayers and good wishes to your mom, you, and your family!! Words are never quite adequate for those places of the heart.


Your start looks great, and it looks like things are going well! :)




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She's turning into a beauty, Robbyn. Well done!


I'm a few steps behind you so I'm looking at your log often to see if I'm overlooking something. I guess getting the run of the temporary strip right is what will make or break the look of the ship in many way. I'll be spending a fair bit of time on that I guess!

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Hi Robbyn, sorry I'm late to join in following your re-build, I too have been busy and kinda distracted.  My prayers are also out on behalf of your mother.  I know from persona; experience what's going on in her mind.  I am now also undergoing treatment for my second cancer, this time bladder.  But things look up and I'm not too concerned.

Your build is beginning to look really spiffy and remembering the past errors seems to be helpful.  Keep a stiff upper lip and stay in good health.



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Finally a bit of an update, had spring break this past week and I took a break from life in a way. Got all sorts of little things done around the house I had been putting off for 9 months, managed to get all my aftermarket accessories (windshield, saddle bags etc) put on my new Harley...now just waiting for nice weather so I can start riding!

In the midst of a week of relaxation, I did manage to get a bit of building done  :D


Got all the gun port framing completed


Finished the stern framing


I think I managed to get everything faired correctly this time


And the upper planking has begun!!! This time I taped together 7 small strips of planking and ran it along the top wale (before gluing it in place) to make sure I had the proper curvature. 



this is where I messed up the first time, you can see below that my wale at the bow was almost 1/2 inch too low, notice how the planking was not "up" where it should have been


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Nice to see an update Robbyn. I totally understand how life can get in the way sometimes. Looks like your new hull is taking shape nicely - well done.


Be careful on that bike of yours - just had a phone call from an old friend this evening. He's in hospital after crashing his bike in the Snowy Mountains on the weekend. Not the way he'd planned to experience his first ever helicopter flight!

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Hey Robbyn, looking good. You are right back up with me. I finished the starboard side upper planking and am almost done on the port side. I have to get some pictures up on my log. I counted upwards of 60 seperate pieces on my startboard side. Lots of pieces, lots of time. I sure have learned a lot though. However, the starboard side will be the wall side on my Syren. I guess that means I have to start everything on the starboard side just to work the kinks out :D



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So I have managed to make a little sawdust since my last update. Got the upper planking complete on both sides. Still have a bit more sanding to do, and need to touch up a bit of my paint on the interior faces of the gun ports. Much happier this time around in the result! 

Kieth, yes, I am teaching again this summer, but at least this year those classes are already developed so it should be less stressful on that front. On the other hand I was asked to pick up two online 16 week courses for eduKan (the Kansas college consortium) they pay really well for those courses, but now I will spend my summer getting them fully developed and up and running for the fall semester.



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