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Wooden sails, a restoration by Senior ole Salt

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Has anyone here made sails of wood ?




I made this little model with wooden sails.  It was of a 27' gaff rigged cutter I built for the family. Through years  ( the model) took on several storms. I took the model apart to facilitate the needed repairs to make the model whole again. The dust was pretty thick and the rigging rotted away. The bowsprit was broken off as well as the cross trees.


( That's a 6" ruler in the background.)




 Here is a picture of what the boat looked like under the sail taken in 1960.  This time I plan to put the model in acrylic case with a sea of some kind.


I like sails of wood. you can make them look like they're full of wind.



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Old Salt,

Wooden sails? Maybe a solution for those of us who have no access to a sewing machine, let alone know how to use it. Maybe you could give us a tutorial on how to manufacture and shape a wooden sail?


I love the real boat. Neat looking craft. Did she have a topsail as well?



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I have an old Burch Bark canoe that came into the family about100 years ago, it sat at various places over the years just drying out and was very dry and brittle when I got it. Gave it a good bath in Linseed oil and it came back to life including the lacing which was also Burch Bark strips. Maybe you wooden sails would benefit from such a treatment, does not need to be Linseed Oil, I used it because there is always some around to oil handles and gun stocks.


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Well I'm making  progress on my project to repair the model sailboat.


This boat I built and was used by my family back in 1960. The model was built in 1963, which makes it 51 years old. The model did not take much damage in the intervening years. The cross trees were completely destroyed so the image now shows the repaired top and cross trees.I decided not to repaint the sails they have a patina that can make the model more charming. I did add reef points on the main sail. I also want to make the model in a sea where there is a hazard. This can make a more interesting to look at diorama.  I  think I'll call it " Ready about ."  The reason for this will be obvious when the diorama is completed.




Unfortunately in the image shown here. The curvature of the wooden sails cannot be seen. This will be better apparent in the completed display.







Yes T black, the boat had topsails. Here is an image of what she look like with this sail set and will be included in the diorama. 



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Took the model out side to get a little sunshine. There is a lot more to do on the model but this is what I got done so far. Since the model is skipper less, it looks like the cutter got too close to the rocks. Perhaps when it  tacks things might look better.


Wax paper is attached to the model so she won't get stuck to forever sail like the Flying dutchman looking for Senta.








I still have to attach three more sails to do, all the supporting rigging plus some crew aboard. Much more work needs to be done on the sea which so far is just modeling plaster.







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Making progress on this little restoration. For the pix, I took the model off of the construction bar and placed it in the sea for a photo shoot. I still have to raise the topsail, do some more rigging work, sculpt and paint the sea around the model some, especially the wake.  









Presently  the cutter has no rudder, skipper or crew. perhaps that's why she has come so close to the rocks. I blasted away one that showed up in previous images.



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Gasp!  That is terrific S.os!


I would never have believed the sails were made out of wood without reading this thread, but the whole model and diorama is a work of art.  And even more meaningful given it's history!

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