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As I'm contemplating starting the Pinky Schooner, and looking at photos of finished models, I have this thought about covering the cabin roofs in canvas and paint just like would have been done on a real boat to waterproof the cabin roof.

The builds I've seen just have a planked up roof that I don't see how could be waterproof. So, I'd like mine to appear as though they are even though they don't really need to be.  I did some searching around and can't seem to find any reference to canvassing a model's cabin roof. Has anybody done it? What kind of fabric did you use? I'll have to look in the fabric store for something that resembles canvas in the model scale - maybe a muslin?  Any thoughts?   Pics?  


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If you wish to simulate canvas, depending on the scale you can use tissue paper. cigaret paper, or rice paper.  Experiment with a wash and you will not be able to tell the difference.

David B

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