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What ships have you had the pleasure of boarding traveling on/or visiting?

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My list so far.


•Queen Mary (long Beach CA)

•HMS Victory (Portsmouth UK)

•Mary Rose (Portsmouth UK)

•Star of India (San Diego CA)

•Bowfin (Honolulu HI)

•Arizona (Honolulu HI)

•Vasa (Stockholm)

•HMS Belfast (London UK)

•Cutty Sark (Greenwich UK) before the fire

• USS Bowfin WW2 Submarine, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

•Ferries 19th century (Hong Kong)

••Columbia (Disneyland) had to add that one.

••Mark Twain (Disneyland) had to add that as well.

•Turbo Jet Catamaran (HK to Macau)

            That last one was really a cool ride, and they let me visit the bridge (couple of pics)



I'm very embarrassed too say that I have not boarded any ships on the East Coast of the USA, yet, there are several important ones. Hmmmm








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Mine's short....


HMS Victory (a long time ago)

USS Ranger (as a guest for two weeks while in the USMC - even a longer time ago).

Star of India - San Diego

HMS Rose/Surprise - San Diego

USS Constellation - the one in Baltimore :)


and two cruise ships which shall remain nameless.  <hangs head in shame>


I guess I need to travel more...

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Back in 88' 89' when I was living in the Tampa St Pete area I was able to spend 2 weeks on board the replica Golden Hind.


Two years ago I went to California to visit my uncle and toured the USS Midway and the San Diego Maritime museum. i spent so many hours on the HMS Surprise and Star of India. If anyone gets the chance to visit the museum I recommend it highly. The Star of India and the Riverboat Gauguin has some excellent models on display. 


Also when I was young we toured the Queen Mary

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The Queen Mary

The Star of India

The USS New Jersey

The Mary Rose

Steam Ferry Berkley

Steam Yacht Medea

The Balutha

C.A. Thayer

The Jeremiah OBrian.

 The USS Olympia

David B

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My biggest thrill was being able to briefly visit the Royal Yacht Britannia before it was officially decommissioned as the Royal Yacht.  Getting a private tour from the (obviously bored) officer of the day who invited my colleague and I on board and gave us the tour from bridge to bilge.  Seeing her as used by the Royal Family was quite the experience...together with the stories which I won't repeat.....

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USS Constitution,


USS Midway,

USS Coral sea,( spent 2 ½ years on that one and spun yarns about time aboard)

USS Yorktown,

USS Intrepid,

USS Lexington,

USS America,

USS Massachusetts

Cutty Sark,


Brig Niagara,


Gokstad ship

Oseberg ship,


Star of India,

Pride of Baltimore,

Bark Peking,

Bark Charles W Morgan,

Half moon,

Various cruise ships one of which took me around the Horn., Nile river, Yangtze river Another took me above the Arctic circle,

Top Sail schooner R.Tucker Thompson( spun a yarn about that one sailing in the S.Pacific)

Sloop Providence,

Sloop Clearwater,

Golden Hind,


Schooner Bluenose,

Schooner Quinnipiac

SV Sorlandet


Bark Eagle


Schooner Northwind

Schooner Dutchess



Yet to do HMS Victory and the USS Arizona memorial.



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Um........ Hmm.......


This might be a long one...


In no particular order:


HMCS Haida

Russian cruiser Aurora

RMS Segwun

TS Pathfinder

TS Playfair

Bluenose II


HMAV Bounty

HM Schooner Bee

MS Chi Cheemaun

MV Capt Henry Jackman

MV Federal Baffin

MV Federal Rhine

MV Algobay

MV Agawa Canyon

MV Atlantic Huron

SS Canadian Leader

MV Canadian Transport

MV Jean Parisien

MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin

MV Spruceglen

MV CSL Niagara

MV CSL Assiniboine (ex Jean Parisien)

MV Nanticoke

MV Atlantic Erie

MV Frontenac

MV Lake Michigan

MV Saguenay

MV Oakglen

MV Mapleglen (ex Lake Michigan)

MV Richelieu

MV Birchglen

MV CSL Laurentien

MV Pineglen

MV CSL Tadoussac

MV Messabi Miner

MV Cedarglen

Barge DC Everest and tug (can't remember name of tug)


Plus a few ferries, various tour boats and the odd canoe...



Yes, for those who don't know me, I come by my username quite honestly...



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I'm just old:


US Battleship New Jersey

US Battleship Massachusetts

US Battleship North Carolina

US Carrier Intrepid

US Sub Ling (WW II Fleet Boat)

US Sub Nautilus (nuclear)

German Submarine U-505 (in Chicago)

Queen Mary

Queen Elizabeth

QE2 (in Lisbon)

SS United States

HMS Victory

HMS Cutty Sark

US Frigate Constitution

Russian Ship Kruzenshtern

Nantucket Light Ship

US Training Ship Eagle (originally German)

HMS Bounty (Replica - Florida)

CW Morgan Whaler

Schooner Mystic Whaler

Fishing Vessel Emma C Berry

HMS Belfast

Bluenose Schooner (Nova Scotia)

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Having worked my entire career on ships and boats, the list is rather long...


However, my first ship was the M/V Ryndam (Holland-Amerika Lijn) on which we immigrated to Canada on in '62. I was only 3 so not many memories. Seventeen years later I was a passenger on the M/V Stefan Batory (Polish Ocean Line) which was the former Maasdam, and happens to be the sistership to the Rijndam! I took the ship from Montreal to Rotterdam and back again.






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HMS Victory twice - 1972 and 2009

HMS Ark Royal 1962 when it was on a visit to Fremantle and I was a gormless 13 yr old sea scout - I remember the Fairey Gannets particularly.

The Great Britain 2009 in Bristol

The Mathew replica 2009 Bristol

The Endeavour replica while a-building in Fremantle in the 1990s(?)

The Duyfken replica a-building in Fremantle late 1990s?

Batavia replica Sydney 2000 or so

HMAS Castlemaine, Williamstown (Melbourne) twice

Seen but not been on

- the remains of the original Batavia in Fremantle

- QE2

- Cutty Sark (after the fire)

- HMS Belfast

- HMS Warrior (should have gone on board but opted for the tour of Portsmouth harbour instead - big mistake.)

 - Mary Rose - they'd just closed her to the public to build the new building around her (dammit!). But they dramatically increased the numbers of artefacts on display, so I did get to see such things as cannons and a parrel truck.

 - various Australian guided missile frigates (HMAS Sydney, Melbourne etc) in Sydney Harbour

 - USS Missouri in about 1988 - open to the public - tried to get on board but there were too many other people with the same idea and they had to close off access after several hours of waiting.



Various ferries, yachts, ex-navy cutters (when I was in the scouts).



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I'm older, but, like Mark, I don't get out much.


USS Constitution

USS Cassin Young

Lewis R French (Maine coasting schooner)

Pride of Baltimore 1 and 2

Schooner Lynx

HMS Surprise

Star of India

USS Midway

Schooner Zodiac

Schooner Martha (Errol Flynn's boat)

Square Rigger Balclutha


Plus your garden variety Cruise Ships and Ferry Boats.



As an aside, I was cleaning some stuff out the other day and ran across brochures for the Pride of Baltimore 1 when she was in Seattle. I felt kinda spooked when I saw that.

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Very short list from me ..


Polly Woodside (Melbourne, Australia)

Batavia (Fremantle, Australia)

Australia II (Fremantle, Australia)

Wasa (Stockholm, Sweden)

Some Viking boat reconstruction (which had been converted into a floating restaurant, whilst visiting Sweden)

An Australian Navy Collins-class submarine (Garden Island, Perth - * stood alongside)


PS: Andy (RWS), I really expected your list would continue for quite a few pages ...

Arr ...




* - Whilst working as a courier driver, I gained clearance to deliver an important package to the Captain just moments prior to the sub sailing.

(No idea what it contained ... and if the seals had been broken, I'd probably be typing this from prison !!)

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USS Constitution - Charlestown MA

Charles W Morgan - Mystic CT

L A Dunton - Mystic CT

Emma C Berry - Mystic CT

Joseph Conrad training ship - Mystic CT

Mayflower replica - Plymouth MA


My best sailing experience was a 5 day windjammer cruise on the schooner Mistress out of Camden ME.  Unlike those Caribbean cruises, this is a working cruise, hauling anchor, setting sails, driving the boat, doing whatever else the captain and mate/cook have in mind.  The food is wonderful - all prepared on the wood stove in the galley.  Three meals a day plus a pre-breakfast and morning and afternoon snacks.  No hot water, no shower facilities, just sailing and being on the water.



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US Frigate Constitution

USS Lexington CV16

USS Massachusetts BB59

Pride of Baltimore

Charles W Morgan Whaler

USCG Barque Eagle WIX327

USS Nautilus SSN571

USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr, DD850

USS Lionfish, SS298

PT 617

Former East German Corvette Hiddensee

L.A. Dunton fishing schooner

Emma C. Berry fishing smack

USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG58

US lightship Nantucket (LV112)


R/V Endeavor

Numerous ferries, small boats and a few 40 to 60 foot sailing vessels (sloops, schooner rigged, and at least one ketch) which I just don’t plain remember.

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What ships have you had the pleasure of boarding traveling on/or visiting?


Because I do not consider the ships on which I work a pleasure and there are some I don't remember the names and other I don't want to remember the names my list will be short.




Russian replica frigate Standart which was for luck alongside next to Batavia visiting

The bark Ricmer in Hamburg

Bounty when was visiting Tampa.

Galeon Neptun in Genoa.

Do not include the ones that are in the museums

And naturally me pirate ship Seafarer


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My list to date:


USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69)

USS America (CV-66)

USS Thedore Roosevelt (CVN-71)

USS Norfolk (SSN-714)

USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG-58)

USNS Comfort (Hospital ship)

USS Arizona (BB-39) (Memorial)

USS Alabama (BB-60)

USS Silversides (SS-236)

USS Yorktown (CV-10)

USS Coral Sea (CV-43)

USS Clamagore (SS-343)

USS Laffey (DD-724)

USCG Constitution

USCG McClane

USCG Portsmouth Lightship (LV-101)

Valley Camp Great Lakes Freighter

Pride of Baltimore II

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Sofar my list is small 



Star of India 

Steam Ferry Berkeley

Steam Yacht Medea

HMS Rose/Surprise replica

USS Dolphin Submarine

Soviet Foxtrot Submarine






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HMS Sheffield 2 years  42 destroyer

HMS Fife 2 years           GMD

HMS Odin 8 years          P/O Diesel S/m

HMS Churchill 2 years    Nuclear S/m

HMS Repulse 8 years     Polaris

HMS Sceptre 5 years      S classs Nuclear S/M

HMS Vanguard 2 years   Vanguard Class 

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MS Christiaan Huygens - passenger liner - 1938 - 4 weeks from Surabaya NOI to the Netherlands

MS Johan van Oldenbarnevelt -  passenger liner - 1939 - 4 1/2 weeks from the Netherlands to NOI - around Africa due to the Sues Canal being closed due to WW II threats.

Hr. Ms. O19 - submarine of the Royal Netherlands Navy - 1940 in Surabaya, NOI - visit with my father.

MS Oranje - passender liner converted to hospital ship - 1947 from Batavia (now Jakarta) NOI to the Netherlands.

Tjalk - 1949 - two weeks on the Ijselmeer (Zuiderzee) - Royal Navy reserve.

MS Maasdam - passenger liner - visit in New York - 1959

Charles W. Morgan - 1963 - 

Several other sailing vessels at Mystic Seaport that are no longer there - 1963

Joseph Conrad - Mystic Seaport.

US Aircraft Carrier Museum at the Philadelphia Naval Yard - 1963 - ship is no longer there, forgot the name.

Fishing trawler - 1976 - from Keansburg, N.J. to visit NY during Operation Sail.

USS North Carolina - Battle ship. 

USS Texas - Battle ship.

Queen Mary - Long Beach, CA.  Several times 

MS Rotterdam - 1995 - Alaska cruise.

Several ferries - lake excursion boats etc.

I crewed on a Flying Dutchman sailboat when living in New Jersey.



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Served aboard:

USS Blandy

USNS Neosho

USS Kittiwake

USS Independence

USS Fulton

USS Affray

USS Exploit

USS Constitution



USS John F. Kennedy                       Mayflower II

USS Little Rock                                 Lettie G. Howard

Joseph Conrad                                 SS Jeremiah O'Brien

USS New Jersey                                USS Intrepid

USS Cassin Young                            German Corvette Hiddesee

USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.               USS Lionfish

USS Massachusetts                           PT 617

PT 796                                               USS Salem

USS Nautilus                                      La Amistad

USS Albacore                                     Lightship Ambrose

Lightship Nantucket                            USS Barry

HMS Belfast                                        Charles W. Morgan

USS Constellation                               USS Croaker

USS Edson                                          Emma C. Berry

USS Growler                                       Nippon Maru

USS Olympia                                       Peking

Sabino                                                 USS The Sullivans

U-505                                                  Amerigo Vespucci

Cisne Branco                                       Christian Radich

Esmeralda                                           Dar Pomorza

Gloria                                                  Juan Sabastian de Elcano

Libertad                                               Sagres II

Ernestina                                             Danmark

Belem                                                  Dewaruci

Cuauhtemoc                                        Capitan Miranda

Simon Bolivar                                       Spirit of Massachusetts

Harvey Gamage                                   Guyas

Pride of Baltimore                                 Belle Poule

Etoile                                                    USS Emory S. Land

USS L Y Spear                                      USS Anzio

USS Antietam                                       USS Iwo Jima

USS Bataan                                          USS Hue City

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I've been to just about every historic ship museum in Southern California but that's about it. My favorites were the USS Iowa, Queen Mary and USS Midway. I still have to get to the USS Pampanito in San Francisco...

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I just wonder:

What's the use of telling you that I was on SS Finland, Batavia, Amsterdam, not on but close to Vasa,

ZMS Buffel, ZMS Schorpioen, HrMs Tonijn, HrMs Abraham Crijnsen, (last four on display in museums),

on one of the Free enterprise's (don't know which ugly duckling., too seasick to notice :) )

and some (Dutch) riverferries?



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USS Hank

USS Yosemite

SS Brazil

SS African Comet

SS Amerian Merchant

SS Pioneer Myth

SS Santa Elena

SS Atlantic Prestige

We Yearned It



Majesty of the Seas

Voyager of the Seas 

Grandeur of the Seas

Norwegian Star

Brilliance of the Seas

Jewel of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

Adventure of the Seas



USS Bowfin

USS Constellation

USS Intrepid

USS Texas

USS Arizona

USS Requin

USS New Jersey

Pride of Baltimore

Queen Mary

QE 2

Charles Morgan

Cutty Sark



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Oh shoot, I forgot to mention the replica ship "Amsterdam" in Amsterdam while on US Federal Government business.  A magnificent piece of work.  I acted as a tour guide for a few USAirways folks when opening their station at ADAM.


I also visited the USS Cod in Cleveland, Ohio.  This sub came to rescue the crew of the Dutch sub O19 , yup, my dad's boat in June 1945. The USS Cod is still 98% seaworthy.  Well worth a visit.



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MS Oranje - passender liner converted to hospital ship - 1947 from Batavia (now Jakarta) NOI to the Netherlands.

My parents sailed in this ship from Amsterdam to Jakarta in the early 50's for there honeymoon. Took them 3 weeks. I inherited a sturdy trunk from the 50's and it still has the sticker from the "Orange" on it an a sticker from "NV Stoomvaart Maatschappy".



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Here is my list. Most of the ships were visited On the Tall Ship events in Amsterdam, Philadelphia and Chicago. The rest are from everywhere I lived.


Spent a couple of hours sailing on (Tall Ships Sail-Chicago)

Topsail Schooner - Appledore IV - USA (2010)

Square Topsail Sloop - Friends of Goodwill - USA (2013)


Chicago Tall Ships 2003, 2010 & 2013 combined.

INS Tarangini - India

Fair Jeanne - Canada

True North - Canada

Mist of Avalon - Canada

Highlander Sea - USA

Mist of Avalon - Canada

Serenity - USA

Brigantine - Playfair - Canada

Brigantine - Pathfinder - Canada

Gaff Topsail - Madeline - USA

Square Topsail Sloop - Friends of Goodwill - USA

Brig - Roald Amundsen - Germany

Bark - Europa - The Netherlands

Brig - Flagship Niagara - USA

Bounty - USA

Gaff Schooner, two Masted - Inland Seas - USA

Topsail Schooner - Appledore IV - USA

Square Topsail Schooner - Lynx - USA

Schooner - Roseway - USA

Topsail Schooner - Unicorn - USA

Topsail Schooner - Pride of Baltimore - USA

Schooner, three-masted - S/V Denis Sullivan - USA

Gaff-rigged square topsail ketch - Royaliste - USA


SS Sorlandet



German Submarine U-505 (in Chicago)


Other Visits (including SAIL Amsterdam and Philadelphia):

Dutch East Indiaman - Amsterdam - The Netherlands


Simon Bolivar

Amerigo Vespucci

Gorch Fokk II

Christian Radich


USS Constallation

Various sailboats (I owned) and tjalks of various sizes.

Many types of ferries in Asia

Papyrus boats in the Middle East

Local fishing boats in the Caribbean.



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