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Serving Machine from Scratch

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I decided to build my own serving machine. This is based upon the article "Modifications to Dobson's String-Along" in the Ship Modeler's Shop Notes II. I purchased 4 gears and a length of ⅜" Brass tubing from the local RC Model shop. The gears were $6 ea, and the tubing was $7.50. For the wood, I used scraps I had in the workshop.


I made wooden washers by cutting some thin solid stock I had with a whole cutter then widening the center hole to just fit the ⅜" tubing snuggly. I sandwiched the gears between two of these and epoxied them together on the tube.


For the top area, I took standard alligator clamps and filed the teeth out of them. I opened and shaped the ends to fit the outside circumference of the tubing. Then a silver soldered them to two short pieces of tubing.


Since the line being served moves through either end of the machine, the length of line being served can be very long. The distance between the two alligator clamps is 11 ½ inches. The SMSH II, recommended tiring a weight to the end of the served line. This can be done should it need to be. There is a guide at the end of the machine to hold the line as it bends downward.


Anyway, I thought I would share this with all of you in case there is anyone else out there looking to make a machine on their own.


For the photos I used a lighter colored thread as the serving line so it would show up in the photos.















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