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Harvey by willsbrook - Artesania Latina - 1847 Baltimore Clipper

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First time builder, I picked up my Harvey Baltimore off Ebay very cheap, that not being the reason I bought it, I did a lot of looking around on MSW and the net, and a lot of the info pointed to the Harvey for being the ideal "Beginners" ship to build.


I spent a lot of time watching Ebay until this one popped up and I managed to get a hold of it...Lucky Me...Lol!!


I have probably spent about 16 hours on it so far, checking the fitment of parts and checking them over and over, a little filing & sanding here and there got me to the glueing of Bulkheads stage....






Looks a little bent, just the angle of the pic...He! He!




Then onto the False Deck, Having read numerous threads here, I decided to go with the majority and not plank the deck just yet, incase of any mishaps or slips with nasty knives or files....






I have faired the Bulkheads and all is ready for the dreaded 1st layer planking, I will keep you posted on that....


Cheers Paul

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Hi Paul

Glad to see your log today. I also am working on the Harvey in Sydney. I have been at it for years on and off and feel that I am close to finishing. I have a log at "Harvey by Blackie" which might help you though I started the log after I had finished the hull. If you have queries about planking, ask and someone will give you good advice.

I did try very hard to get the first plank layer in lime wood as well-fitted as possible as a practice for the second layer. It also helped me get the second layer   to fit fairly easily - ha ha! I did abandon the kit for the deck layout as I felt that the kit was so far away from a Baltimore schooner and have mostly scratch-built everything from the deck up. I'm not sure if you are interested in the history of your models but the Harvey as such never existed and the heyday of the Baltimore clipper boats was very early 1800s. However, you can produce a model that could have reasonable references to the Baltimore clipper boats if you wish. 

You will find a number of logs in MSW that will help you with the Harvey kit. I'll follow yours with interest.

Happy modelling


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I started the kit build and after attaching the deck I laid the ship against the plans. My build is smaller than the plans. Whoops, screeching halt!!

Does anyone have the plans from the Harvey kit that are for the smaller ship?  Please reply to keimach@yahoo.com

I would be glad to exchange plans or pay for shipping if you could donate your copies to a 77 year old with limited funds.

Thanks if you can help.



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