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Looking for a CAD pro for a project....

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Hi All,


Not being a CAD person, I am looking for someone to turn builders drawings into proper CAD files, possibly for use in laser cutting or other CNC type work. This is all preliminary right now, but I would like to discuss it and get an idea of the associated cost for such work. If you are experienced with this type of thing and available for hire, please PM me if you are interested. The subject in question is pacific northwest style fishing trawler built in the 1920's.



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Hi Joe.

Yes there are a lot of CAD people on the forum.. But we all have our own builds and work to do. Well that's my excuse....

Have a go with Adobie Illustrator . I have version 10 that is ideal for cad if you have existing drawings.

I import the scanned image onto another layer then trace with the pen for curves and line for the straight lines .

Took me approx 1 Mounth to be able to draw most things. And the nice thing is its all vector drawings.( can be scaled to any size )

Lots of videos out there on how to do most tasks.


Regards Antony.

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Hi Joe,


I could recommend a friend of mine in Canada, he runs his own business and may be able to offer what you need, he is a master modeler and makes all his own cad plans.


His name is John Andela and his web page through which you can contact him is www.ageofsail.net



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My company does this now. It's taken a while to get going but we're ready. We use Solidworks, Inventor, and Autocad and have two laser cutters and a CNC router for big stuff. 


Best Regards, 


Rick Shousha





Thanks for the info. Now that I've pretty well finished with doctors and all of that, I am completing my move to Gig Harbor, WA. As soon as I am settled in, I will get back into this and be in touch with you !



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