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Hello everyone,

                              It's my first post on MSW but I follow it since 3 year. First, let me say that I really appreciate that site.It's part of my lunch routine to review topic on MSW.



I was looking for a bireme/trireme for my next build and I found this manufacturer, CCV from Italia who offer four models including a Roman trireme that seems interesting to me.


See the link to the website for all the models availables :




However, I cannot see any scale on the ship description. :(


Does anyone have experience with this supplier ?





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To be honest, I am not impressed by the quality of the photos of the models of CCV.

everything is made exclusively with wood, without any single metal accessory.

If you want to try something similar, there is the greek bireme from Amati, which is surely an overall good quality kit.

But is a rather simple design, so it is not so much "fascinating".

The "typical roman" bireme is the one made by Mantua model.

unfortunately is a beginner model, so the bow and stern are made by resin, which is a very disappointing factor.

Other details are semplified, too.

But the overall Mantua kit can be a starting point for making an "improved" roman bireme.

in the attached file there are some photos of the Mantua roman bireme, which I "improved" a lot of time ago....

Otherwise you can buy the plans alone and start the ship from scratch.


Note: Chris Watton (see a topic in the present section) is starting to develop a Roman Bireme for Amati.




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Probably the English translation of the plans is present, since they have an US distributor:



The box is written double language Italian/English.

The lenght, as wrote in the boxes is:

55 cm for the Roman Warship, 50 cm for the carthaginian penthera, 40 cm for the sardinian ship, 55 cm for the bilancella carlofortina.

Regarding the "horned ship", it cause some confusion in many people, since it is a very specific type of ship of the county were that model kits manufacturer is based (Sardegna Island).

It is an ancient ship of the pre-roman population of the Sardegna Island.

It is a project based on some statues found in archeologicl excavations in Sardegna and probably other material.

In the attached photos, some examples of those Sardinian ships statues.

If you are looking for an Egyptian ship, the one made by Amati it seems a good representative model of that type.




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Hello Jean-Pierre and Christiano,

                                                       Thanks for the clarifications. The prototype model by Chris watton is very nice but seems to be a little too big ( I see a 1meter) for the size I expect to have. I already know the model proposed by Amati and Mantua. For the moment , I will stay with the idea to order a Mantua model with maybe some modifications  but I'll keep a eye on CCV's Comments.


Thanks for your support.



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Just when I thought I was done buying ship model kits, Model Expo dangles a model in front of me that temps me greatly.  The most recent Model Expos Sales email features CCV Modelli's Bilancella, a small work boat from the mid to late 19th century.   It appeals to me because it is a less complicated subject, thus promising  success in completion in a short amount of time.   With a little bit of additional research perhaps it can be super detailed to improve the quality of the end result. 


Does anyone here have any experience  with this kit?

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