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Creole Queen by le débutant - FINISHED - Dumas

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I everybody.


Few comment before the photo.

The creole queen by dumas is not what expected from me.

This is a boat made for RC more then collector,so everything is more...looking for the best word.


Never the less,not easy to built.

The length is the first problem,to translate all info the boat as tendency to twitch.

But i am moving forward.






Problem,of yesterday,i fond out the wing of pilot house was to large,so the fence build with coper rod has to be

remove for reduction and cut the wing to be equal to the previous floor,so the beam support under the floor 

will fit.

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You’re doing a fine job on the Creole Queen.  She should look great on the water.



This boat is a request from my wife.

She is interested on because it is different than my too oder one.


I am more interested on building the Santa Ana by AL. and i found a place for a good price. 

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Last few days i spent my time of sanding the boat,and painting the fence.

The wing problem of pilot house is resolved,by better alignment of the two side and making sure all column are align.

(not completely re-build not sure how to proceed at this time)


And now i am changing my way of building.

There is no sense for me to pre-build and re-start every thing twice,so i will finish the sending and after i will paint the boat.


I will use one primer for all the boat and after the proper color of each one,for walls,floor etc.

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Today moving forward with this;





Two side are done promenade deck and boiler deck.

It take me a bit of time, to figure out the proper angle on top and bottom,but with the proper tool and a piece of paper

for the design and go.

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Impressive.  I have respect for anyone who tackles a kir by Dumas.  They have a bad rep for being out of scale or incomplete or bad drawings.

David B

For building the creole queen boat i received the drawing and two page of text 

before moving forward i have to check twice on everything.


At the beginning i thought i was poor for reading the instruction but after correcting the build i change my view.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nice paint job. Did you use an airbrush and what klnd of paint did you use?

David B


For the grey and black i did use tamiya paint in can,and the white tri-art with a paint brush.

The red is also tamiya paint brush.

For the blue i used,tremclad paint because the rod used are copper.(picture one and two)

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This is my new problem,

i want to build the stairs from main deck to boiler deck,and i realize there is no wall,so i start reading the assembly 

again and there is no such instruction on the way to proceed.


I look for some picture and other things how to fill the hole and i dont have any solution up to now.

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I was surprised at how few pictures there are of the front of the Creole Queen.  But what I did see on the web, (Google, “Creole Queen Images”) I looks like the stairs come from the outside on both sides, up to the landing, and then behind those stairs, up to the next deck.  And from there up to the upper deck the same way.





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After determine the proper angle for the fence,building it.


The tool i used,and the plan(hope this can help)

The result;



I still have to determine about the hole in the back,and trim the piece of wood behind for the second step to the boiler


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Your doing and excellent job on a Beautiful ship, keep up the nice work. Keep the pictures coming, and Thank you for sharing this with us.

There is so much to do,Like painting the rear of the fence.

The funny thing is; i take a picture and found one more things not done properly,but i enjoy so much doing that.

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