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Barque Stefano by MarisStella.hr

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I have just been there.


From time to time I feel little envy to nations with nautical history, where love to the sea and ship modelling is most wide spreaded than in "terrestrial" nations. There is no such a company in Serbia, few attempts, but generaly people here are not much interested, particularly in quality and valuable models.


Yesterday I was in one cofee bar where large model of "Cutty Sark" was exposed. Even old Tehnodidakta was 100 x better than this. Something like "that" everybody of us can make in one or two weeks.


When one day I visit Split again, I ll looking for your company. I was on Šolta six years ago. And to mention, before our crazy wars, there was no sea except Adriatic Sea and islands to spent holliday. Pitty


Keep on with your work, I ll follow


Pozdrav iz Beograda



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Here she is "Stefano 1875." -barque... she looks something like this ... the draft is still under construction... 11 or 12 sheets 1300 mm x 900 mm...

Ist going to be a nice model...


good looking lines of the hull and well placed Frame distances, also the rig Looks interesting, barque typical square sails on the first two masts only. The rather sharp bow area and the fine Stern lines must be a Little bit Clipper like

You made me curious for more Progress to be shown here...



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Thanks Mirabell61...I'm really glad to hear comments and opinions...

Clipper is more modern vessel then this barque... this is typical barque from the shipyard in Rijeka (1870-1890)(Croatia), slightly extended, ...a typical barque is 1:5, this is 1:5,5 (width-length)... This one was built for the shipowner in Dubrovnik (Croatia)... destroyed in the 1875 shipwreck on the coast of Australia ... All the information that we have are from the ship's log and from the shipyard in Rijeka... This is a reconstruction of the ship.


...and of course ... it was the Austro-Hungarian empire at the time :) ..it is the flag of this ship...

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I just visited your website - damn... didnt know your company yet. but you have extreme interesting kits in your stock... not Victory Nr 15 in a crazy scale but very good European - esp mediterranian - ships. I will see some day to have one of your kits... at first I will follow your log now


best wishes







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Very interesting and your technique there for reinforcing the bulkheads with dowel is one that I haven't seen before.


Your kits have some great subjects. I couldn't find any written description of kit contents though. What sort of timber is provided? Are they single or double planked?


Any way nice to find a new kit maker (but I see you having been doing these for quite some time) and I will follow this build with interest. Thanks for posting.




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Bob, Jay, John, Alistair,   thanks a lot ...


Here are few words about the MarisStella kits:


  All structural elements are laser cut on lime plywood...all structural elements on the deck and sides are cut by laser on walnut wood (solid wood walnut panels)...everything else is made of walnut or oak strips and dowels ...sails are embroidered on the fabric -should be hand finished (sew the edges) ...instructions for building are in the English language (completely understandable :)) ... all necessary ropes and fittings are in the kit...high quality wood ... ... precision drawings to the laser-cut elements is 0.01 mm, the deformation which makes the laser cutting is 0.1 mm ... elements perfectly fit each other ... ... some projects include photographyes of buiding phases, all of them you can see on the Web site www.marisstella.hr if you want to ... They are single planked, but some of them, as it says in the instructions, you can fill their spaces between the bulkheads with the soft wood and sanded the shape of the hull and then plank them, it is easyer to plank that way... This project, Stefano, is double planked...


  ... I just joined this site , so I do not know how to use all the options :) ... I'm very interested in the modelers opinions , especially the kit builders ...

and of course, excuse my bad English...

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