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Tamiya synthetic lacquer spray paint-Any experence using it on wood?

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Has anyone had experence using Tamiyas spray lacquer on wood? I have used it for years on plastic,and like their semi-gloss black for gun barrels and submarine hulls on plastic moedls and have used it after primmer on white metal.


The thing I like most about this paint is that it shrinks down tight when it dries,and doesn't cover up small details. Unlike enamel and other paints.


Have you used it on wood? I will be trying some tests in the next couple of days. On basswood,walnut,mahogany and other woods. With and without primmers,both Tamiya and others.


Would like to know what your luck has been-either bad or great. I will let you know how my tests come out.



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On a mini decoy(about 4" L) I made this past summer from basswood, I used Tamiya gray & white primer and semi-gloss black, overlaid with Createx Auto-air colors for the iridescence, Tamiya acrylic white/nato black mixes, gave it a day to out-gas, hit it all with Tamiya flat clear.


It seemed to work fine, the primer covered like a dream. (couple of coats of gray, couple of white)


I did do it as a gift, so I haven't seen it in a while--I have no idea if it will degrade over time, but usually I can tell if paint is going to go south, and it seemed solid... Good Luck!


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