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Sultana by DavePete - Model Shipways - 1/64

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This build log is kind of a late start on the building. I currently have the hull in pretty good shape and about to plank the deck. I'll post a few pictures of the early stages, but it is well underway at this point.


Chuck's practicum on it is what drew me to this kit. This is the farthest I've gotten on a sailing ship build to date and intend on actually completing it. I got the kit on sale, as Model Expo prices fluctuate wildly. I'm cheap, so if I find something I want, I'll follow the prices and purchase at what I think is a fair price. It seems like a good kit to work on building skills. Hopefully, others can avoid the mistakes I've made along the way.


In the beginning ...




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Below are a few pictures of the current state of the build. I did not make a decision to post a build log until well into the model. Actually a major, almost 'turn it into firewood issue' showed up. It actually was part of the decision to do the build log.


Here are few photos up to this stage, after the fix. 








The almost firewood issue is shown in the photos below. The bow was lopsided. I didn't see it when working on it. I found it when I turned over the piece I was going to use for the margin plank at the bow. Keep in mind I found this issue AFTER installing the side planking and making it pretty.


doesn't look too bad... maybe a little bit noticeable. 



Now, with the piece flipped over... Holy crap ! how did that happen !



Ok.. let's fix this puppy. I decided to fix the issue by reshaping the port side of the bow to match the starboard side. If you look close you can see some of the planking left in place to improve the Bow shape.



Some of the planking is excised out so the bow can be reshaped and new planking installed.



Now ..go back and look at the second picture in this post. The repair blended in well with the original work. 


To avoid this kind of mistake I should have checked the symmetry of the hull before starting the planking. Lesson learned. I didn't get it 100% where it should be, but I'm happy with the outcome. If you didn't see the problem pictures you would probably never know there was an issue. I share this in hopes others do better at avoiding the problem.


Anyway.. I built some of the deck fixtures and starting work on the deck planking. 










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Been moving slowly along on this project. The decks are planked and just about ready for stain. The four photos with this post show the progress. 






I drilled for the masts and aligned them before doing the decking. Using a hand drill to put a hole at the right angle is a challenging endeavor. In order to get the masts properly aligned the holes required some minor enlargement, then filler to set the proper angle. In looking at the plans the front and rear mast were slightly different angles.


The decking went in pretty well. I started by centering some deck fixtures. Calculated how many planks it would take to surround them and then cutting those deck planks to fit. I then glued them down and once set proceeded to fill in the others. Since this project is kind of an experiment in what works for me I tried drilling for the treenails before putting them down. That didn't go as well as hoped so I finished gluing them down them marked and drilled the holes.


One thing that did work well was a brown Sharpie for edging the planks. Black is too dark, but brown worked very well. I used it on the sides only. If used on the end the wood grain sucks it in too much. The edges get dark filler to simulate caulking. When I filled the holes on the side planking I used a homemade concoction of wood putty and some dark stain I had. It spread well and filled smoothly. The only issue is the stain in the wood putty also stained the side planks somewhat. An observation, not a complaint. For the decking I picked up some commercial dark wood putty. It gives a nice result, but dries too fast to spread well and didn't fill the holes as well as I would have liked. I will use the same wood stain for both and should end up with a slight contrast between the two. I strongly encourage experimentation on scrap wood before using a technique. 




Mid deck shows results  - aft deck is holes drilled, no filler yet




Putty applied


I'll be working on finishing the decking and building a better base next. I want the spar to be somewhat protected once I put it on.





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