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I am experiencing an interesting problem with my lime wood planking. The wood is 2mm x 5mm. When dry it snaps pretty easily and when wet it splits equally easily. If I soak it for between I guess 1 hour to 4 hours it does become quite flexible and fairly easy to bend but tries very successfully to straighten whilst or after drying. If I soak the wood overnight it actually becomes harder again and very difficult to bend.

I just wondered out of curiosity if anyone else has found this.

It was suggested to me somewhere along the line that Beech wood is more user friendly and maybe I should have ordered some to replace what came with my kit.


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After soaking, and while bending, apply heat.  Some of us use electric plankbenders, some steam, some others use a curling iron.  With heat, there's very little springback.  If steaming, you'll need to clamp the piece into position so it doesn't spring back.


If you don't want to use heat,  try clamping the piece in the bent position while allowing it to dry.  There will be some spring back but two soak, bend, and try cycles seem to work.

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