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Importance of frame alignment?

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Long story short I bought a kit 10+ years ago (original San Francisco). Assembled the frames and keel, and the lower and main deck . Now that I'm returning to the hobby I notice that some of the frame parts are off square a little. And the deck is not siting flat on top or the keel and frame parts. So my question is should I try to take it apart (another topic on its own) and put it back together with a jig or leave it alone and just try to continue? I'll try to get pictures this afternoon.


I'm going to fill the space between the frames witch is what most people do for planking. I think that should square it up. But don't know if this will be a problem down the line.


Thanks Zee

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I'm still new to the hobby, but to me the framing needs to be right. I could be wrong, but if things are off from the beginning, you may fight it though the entire build. If it can be taken apart without breaking things, then maybe that's an option. Or if it isn't that bad, you might be able to straighten it out during fairing? Also make sure that your bulkheads line up on the reference and bearding line. That's just my 2 cents, there are pleny of more experienced modelers here who might have a better insight on this ;)

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