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Hi Denis 


Very, very nice!  I can just picture Syborn chugging across the ocean, trawling backwards and forwards, forever chasing those elusive fish.  The seagulls would also be hanging out for a free feed...so watch out in case they leave their calling cards on the decks🤔  You wouldn't want to clean the decks unnecessarily😧  


All the best. 










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thanks for the good word and the likes.....I'm glad your all enjoying the build :)   I wanted to take a few more pictures,  but the camera got hungry,  so I had to feed it  {sorry Pat}. ;) 

    that's what the hoses are for Patrick :D    catch fish.......rinse.......repeat ;) 

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thanks Tom :)    I hope to get more done on her this week.   still thinking of what to do with the stern...once I get mess'in 'round with it,  I'm sure it will come to me ;) 


the camera is fat and happy now.......the pictures I posted in the Thermopylae log is proof.   I took them this evening.   I took a couple more of the Syborn  for you to enjoy......I am pleased how they came out.




can't wait to tackle that roof ;) 

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thank you for the kind comments and hitting the like button :)    I really appreciate it........my pleasure for adding the extra photos.   I'll do my best to get an update going on her ;) 


I dunno Patrick.......I yain't the bess modeler,  but I does me bess!  AK-k-k-k-k-k!   I've done a few 'fashion shows' in the past with the Boulogne Etaples and her siblings.....her family has grown ;)  if there's a thread on this subject in shore leave or something......perhaps.  if not,  I'll PM you  

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to muse,  or not to muse..........awwww..heck with it.......let's muse :)    I mentioned in a few of my logs,  stuff that I had been play'in with.....put it down,  and now can't seem to find.   I had made a couple extra conveyors,  an engine block destined to become a Hemi engine,  a pair of wings {I still won't say what they are for}....and the roof to this blasted model!   I looked everywhere for them....I have a special plastic bag that I keep all these partially assembled parts in....nope!   the bottom compartment of my junk bin.....nada!   in any of the project boxes I may have opened  in the recent past, not a chance.   I decided to take Patrick'e suggestion he mentioned earlier......I haven't done a progress report on the Boulogne Etaples and her offspring in quite a while.......a year,  I suppose.  some have seen it already......thank you very much for look'in in.......other who haven't,  but wish to,  it's in the Boulogne build log.   I could have put it in the Holiday Harbor log,  but since I missed Mother's day,  I figured it fitting to post it with the Mother ship {if I'm not careful, the mother ship will come for me too}.   assembling all the ships for the shoot.......I found all my parts!......nestled on one of the decks of the covered hulls......which one eludes me {immaterial}....the fact remains that I am reunited with my trove!


now that the mystery is solved....I can put them somewhere else....and create another mystery!  :rolleyes: :ph34r:    not pictured here though......is the roof I made for the Syborn..........that's because,  I broke it!         since I made the second one,  I used that one instead......I broke the original one while fitting the brow.    the brow was made with some flexible cast off wood from the junk bin.   the sides are merely short pieces of planking.



I wasn't sure how low the brow should be.   I may lessen it......it's in the planing phase still ;) 




from here.......my musings took me elsewhere.   I decided to visit 'ole Thermie.

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thanks a bunch for the good word......and to those who hit the like button.   it's a start.......it needs to get off the table......it's so close towards being finished ;)    I'm thinking to make the brow a bit more oval,  rather than rounded....the front windows will be more visible.  I went on the porch to make sawdust......admiral's orders..


thanks again Gerhard,  John,  Eddie,  and Pat :)   I'll try to come up with an update soon  

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hello Lawrence!   thanks for the kind comment on the 'ole trawler :)    yea, she's close to being finished,  but it's just slow getting back to her.  I hope to soon.   sails.......yea.....I did that :D  not sure if it's detrimental on printers,  but the material I ran through there worked well.   I would say that it would be best to run the material through before they are cut out......you'd have a much easier time centering the image.   I have a few different grades of sail cloth.....without looking at the blog I did on embossing,  I likely used the cloth I got in the Gothenborg kit.   that stuff felt like canvas....not sure if it could be ordered through Billing's.   I haven't had the chance to try a second experiment on this,  but I would also think that other types of sail cloth would need to be stiffened,  prior to embossing.   this can be done with atomized white glue sprayed on the cloth,  light coat of lacquer,  or a light coat of decal bonder....I've used this product too and had some good luck with it.  it is a process......feeding it in square and trying not to allow it to pull the material,  are the two biggest things to watch out for.  let the image dry for a few hours before spraying it with another light coat of decal bonder {lacquer will work too}....but don't use anything water based,  or the image will run.   light coats is the rule here.....a second coat can be done later if you desire {they can even be shaped at this time}.   I will post the blog for anyone to view.   there are other blogs here as well that may be of interest.




thanks for looking in Lawrence.........I wish I had info on using the pre cut sails for you.   it's nice to have an admiral that is willing to devote her time ;) 

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a few updates ago,  I had chopped up some small dowel...diagonally cut bits and pieces.


these have been hanging around on my table.   I had done this to create the vents for the Andrea Gail.   the week before last,  I was working on the sails for the Jolly Rogers,  and to break up the tedium,  I pieces some of them together.   later I glued the pieces together.


this week.......now that I know they are quite dry,  I began to sand them...shaping them into the vents.


I still need to do the underside {the inner curve} and refine them a little bit more........but they are  all sanded to the shape I need.


once they are completely sanded {I may do some hollowing out at the spout},  they will be painted,  and then added to the model.   I've also come up with a couple ideas, for how to proceed with the stern section.   I hope to have more soon....it's high time I got back to completing this model ;) 

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