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popeye the sailor

Trawler Syborn by popeye the sailor - scratch build 1:33

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Hi Popeye


Great work as always, your deck sure is looking good and if it were not for the back ground I would be led top believe that I was looking at the real Trawler, WELL DONE.            ENJOY.


Regards   Lawrence

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I'm amazed by the comments.....thank you :)   I'm glad I let my imagination get the better of me,  instead of just doing the bare bones,  like I was going to.  I still have more to go,  till I can get to the aft section.   one more day of work  ;)   thanks to all who hit the like button as well  :)


thanks Dupree..........when you begin you next build,  please let me know.   you have me curious now  ;)


thanks Derek......I normally use brass rod,  but I had run out.   the MIG wire would have been thrown out anyway, so I put it to good use.   it solders well to boot and fit in the Billings stanchions.   I've not seen TIG wire,  but I'm sure there isn't much of a difference.  should you see anything else you'd like to try, be my guest.  it's all about sharing,  here at MSW  :)


thanks Pat.......still a ways to go.......so I won't be seeing the finish line any time soon.  glad you like the progress :)


there are kits around Medic.......Billing's has a few.   although,  they are generic and lack certain qualities.   I have many pictures of fishing boats and trawlers......they give me the ideas,  to add in some of the aspects of detail.   for Christmas,  the admiral got the the Billing's Norden.  it's an advanced beginner's kit.  it makes a nice model out of the box.......but add some rope coils,  buoys,  and other bits.....it really makes a difference.  if you settle on one,  let me know.......I'd like to follow along  ;)   thanks for the good word!


thanks Rob!  :)   I wish I knew how to that....I have pictures of models done up like that.   really neat stuff!  :)


thanks Lawrence  :)


thanks Kees.........I'm dying to see yours!   I hope you are well and getting back into the ship building groove again  ;)


thanks John.......yea.....getting all that rope off of it did wonders  :D   actually,  that's a good picture of the fore deck  ;)   I need to make some vents for it,  just like the ones I made for the A.G.  more to go my friend.......


again....thanks for the kind comments.   hope to have more progress soon.

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thanks for your confidence Dupree.  I though about doing it,  but my lack of knowledge kept me from following through.  I may try it out on a future project, but not at the moment  {no way to install it anymore}.   anyway......I appreciate the thought.  ;)

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first day of my four day week end.............I got up........snow.   I had my coffee,  and I planked.   the Syborn sat on the main table untouched this day.


second day of my four day week end........I got up.....unsettled and snow.  I had my coffee,  and I planked.   it was good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.   the syborn sat on the main table,  but there was a brief shuffle of the clutter that lay on the table.   a pair of parts were painted,  and lines got ties off.   the dead eyes are now all tied off,  and the forward haul lines are tied off as well.......I just need to cut the excess thread.   the spreader bars are painted.....they need to be added to the shrouds.   there are only two lines that need to be added {one added,  one terminated},  to finish off  the mid ship.   I laid out the stuff I need to make the rope coils for the haul lines on my desk,  but there was a lot of sanding dust about,  so I cleaned my desk.   it turned out to be enough of a distraction,  to set me off on another tangent {the previous one I was on before}.  back to planking.


this third day of my four day week end.......I got up.....supposed to get some freezing rain today,  but my big toe says no  ;)  I have my coffee......my camera and adapter lay before me,  after I've shuffled through all the pictures I took during the days before.......appalled that bad lighting had ruined some of the key pictures.   hopefully,  I can fill in the gaps somehow.   I found that I did take one picture of the syborn.......the lines tied off and such.   I hope to do more today.   I brought out a tool that I had made during my Cux build........it will be interesting to see how many folks remember it  :)




the day is young........even I don't have a clue,  as to what I'll find myself doing this day  ;) 

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thanks for the likes..........and thanks for the kind comment Pat.   gee.....if that were the case,  all the muffled shouting from within my closet,  would have the door vibrating!  :D  :D     Horton heard who?!?!?!  :)


well then........I think I should answer her calls for affection,  eh?  yesterday was her lucky day!  the outcome of this session had one small problem......but I doesn't pose too much of a bother, and won't impact the model.   it's time to make the net rigs....I need two of them.   that means that I need to make four end brackets.   the cross bars were cut down by 10 mm,  in relation to the nets.  I have the four end caps,  that will be the basis for the brackets.   holes were drilled and brass rod was fitted and bent.




while these were drying,  the rope coils were added to the haul line terminations




along with their installation,  the spreader bars were added to the shrouds.








this can be considered my first attempt in making the brackets......it might have been better to do these in plastic......... metal I think would have issues with heat sink,  making them tougher to make.  if these don't work out.....there are other options.   anyway.......rub boards were added to the assembly.  they offer protection from the rig,  should it make contact with the hull sides {I think that's the purpose for them}.




they will be trimmed to length,  when they are complete.   I mentioned the tool that I used to make the rigs for the Cux 87 build.   how many folks remember it?




to have the rig lying on the table during the assembly,  is not fun.  when the chain is added to the rig,  it can be hung up, making it a lot easier to rig the rest of the chain lengths.   you'll get a better view later on.  ;)  at this point,  I thought it better to assemble the brackets on the bars........should the holes I need to drill get too deep,  the hole will be filled with the bar {dowel},  and drill into it as well.  splitting might not be an issue either  {fingers crossed}.






each end will need about three eye bolts.   the first of them will double as a brace.   these will connect the outer lip of the net.......another pair will connect the inner lip of the net,  and the third pair will be used to connect the chain.






it's also reached the point where the fish box and the conveyors can be cemented in place.   due to the position of the companionway,  the starboard gallows were set back a bit further.......this also affected the position of the shrouds.  the port side was not affected by this at all.  this had consequences for the starboard dump ramp....too far forward,  and the ramp will hit the shrouds.   I forgot about that.   I can still have the port side in the down position.   it's not too big a deal.

    I just don't want to risk damaging anything........and I want to complete the build......and I still feel good about what I've done with the model.




I had another thought.....I had it earlier as well.   I need some light brackets......so some were roughed out.




I found another light that I didn't fill the lense with window maker....I did that too.




the latest aspects added to the build,  are these beads.....later to be painted and used as flotation buoys on the nets.




this build is like the energizer bunny.........it just keeps going .......and going...........and going.................;)


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Hi Denis


Marvellous, marvellous and marvellous. I don't know how you do it, but you do everything so darn well.


I reckon the only things missing are the crew, fish and some rust stains!


I too, will be sad to see this one finished. I hope you've got a nice display case sorted for her...





Edited by Omega1234

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I think you can say you have sated her needs of some TLC Denis, she is looking amazing with all that detail in place. With the extras you have planned she will look very much the part of a hard working trawler.





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thanks for the kind comments  every one...........and thanks to all who hit the like button.    ohhhhhhh noooooo..........she's still far from being finished ;)   no laments just yet.   I haven't even made the decals yet.......gotta get some fresh ink for the printer.   it will be a very happy day though when I get 'er done.  for those who would like to see more on fishing boats.......I have two others in the que.  the Boulogne Etaples........and the mystery rigger {not sure what she'll turn out to be}


not to worry John......we still have the Thermopylae  ;)


 I did good..........I did Pat  :)  

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thanks John  :)     I'm a mile behind you my friend  ;) ........some of your ideas {and the stuff you make your parts from},  are more innovative than me!  


our logs are just a smidgen of what MSW contains...........that's what makes MSW an awesome site!

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hi all  :)    progress this week has been spotty at best.   none the less,  I have been able to visit the table for short periods of time.  I was able to paint the lenses for the mast lights...inside surface.  you may see a tinge of color.....the two perched side to side are done in yellow,  and the one straight forward is in white.




the other two pairs of eye bolts were drilled and cemented in place on the net rigs.   that finishes them up,  so the next step will be to rig them with chain,






I couldn't remember how I set up the net rig rack.......perhaps I should have looked back into mu own log  :D  :D    it seemed like the rig was too low......but I think I held it in place in another way.  the chain is attached to the eye bolts with 4 mm metal rings......I bought these at Hobby Lobby.   they are really small.......can't tell you how many I've lost so far......either launched from the pliers,  or catapulted by a slip of the chain.   the center was found and the center support chain was put in place.

      eye bolts will be along the bar to attach them.






another pair of chains divided the two sides....these will be attached as well.




I have around 17 beads to make the buoy string.   I have a bad feeling that this will not be enough.   I began to paint them.




while we were out the other day,  we stopped in at Hobby Lobby.   I needed more small drills,  since the last one I had broke last week.   I couldn't believe that they didn't carry drill assortments....I ended up getting another pin vise which had a small index of five drills in it.   I'll have to look online I guess.  I also found these.....they are the same as I am using,  just without all the different sizes {I bought a multi pack last time}.




I also got the outer chain on the other net rig....it's waiting it's turn on the rack.




should I get any more done today.....I will post it.   I have to go out again  :(                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Hello Popeye


I still wonder just how you get so very many very difference ideas with so very many different things and make them all fit together so well, super job you are doing on your Syborn, ENJOY.


Regards Lawrence

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HI Denis


I have to say, Denis, that your attention and commitment to getting things absolutely correct and realistic is paying off.  After all, it's the tiniest details that can make or break a model.  Your's is right on the money :) !





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thanks for the kind comments and the likes.........I wish I had gotten more done on them.   when they are assembled,  they'll be painted a flat gray.....then I can work on fitting the nets.   I really need to get some new ink jets for my printer.....still gotta make decals  ;)


thanks again for look'in in.....hope to have more soon  :)

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