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i got sick, so i,m out a bit.

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Well. Turns out I´m back home. After 21 days on the hospital, 14 days of 0 diet and 2 surgeries that left me looking like a viking who got the wrong side of the axe, I can get back to my ships. It was hard - part of the time there was so many wires and drains and tubes on me that I thought it would never end. Part of the time I couldn´t think right away too, and things got very confuse. Thanks to the kind of medicine I still have to take, I could get home, but part of the medics would keep me there for more 21 days - I say nothing is like home to bring us up and well.


Wish to thank every single good thought sent my way. Every word helped me to keep up and see there´s a World full outside, with people ready to wish me well. Many hugs and kisses to all of you.

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