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Pilar by birchbaysider - FINISHED - Constructo - 1:27 (Ernest Hemingway's Fishing Boat, 1934)

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Hi Scott,


Not only is your presentation here great, the build itself is remarkable.  I am particularly struck by your metal work and painting.  The brass comes as a rolled up wire, yet you were able to get it straight and so true to the instructions.  I have been struggling with the railing.  I had hoped to do a micro-solder joinery, but it did not stick. My glues and epoxies haven't worked. I just got Aruldite epoxy, which supposedly joins all metals, including brass.


Enjoy the "King"!

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Sorry to hear that soldering didn't work for you.  I know you can get brass solder.


Like I stated in my build log, I don't like working with metal.  It's very difficult to get coiled wire straight.  I tried this method of clamping it together and pressing down, but it didn't work well.






The best way I found is to just take my time and straighten with my fingers, but I never get it perfect.


As far as gluing, I started out using CA, but it always leaves a white residue, so I've switched to clear epoxy.  With small round files, I give the ends of the wire a concave shape to get maximum surface area for gluing.

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