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Ulises Victoria

Royal Louis 1780 by Ulises Victoria - Mamoli - Scale 1/90 - French Vessel- 126 cannons- Started in April 10 2014

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G'day Ulisus 

I'm so sorry to hear about your late mother. I know just how you feel. My father passed away just 5 months ago and it hurts do deeply.

I'm glad that you have gotten back to you incredible model, it will take your mind off things only for a while. And each day it becomes very slightly easier.

The coils look great.

God bless 



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Hey Arthur. 

I said that 30 cannons on deck "had to be rigged" . There are actually 34 cannons on deck that "have to be rigged",   but 4 cannons under the stairs were rigged only on one side... 

And then there is one more hidden under the last deck. If you look closely in the 3rd photo at the right, you will see only a part of the rigging rope.

Oh well... never mind :) 

Thanks for your comment. It means you are paying attention and that is priceless. :)



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Update as of May 19 2017.


Milestone reached! ALL 126 cannons are placed and those which needed it, rigged.

This took me a very long time because some of the triangular cannonball racks went flying from my tweezers and landed in that parallel universe we all know, but never been in. :)

So I decided I would not go any further until I somehow make some of them.

Here you see some failed attempts and at the bottom 4 pieces satisfactorily made. The far right one is the original. I attempted several methods and finally what worked was using that pink thingie you see in the photo. That is dentist's wax. I managed to make the molds in them and  used 30 min epoxy to fill them. I had to put the pieces in boiling water to get rid of the wax, but finally I managed to make 4 acceptable pieces.



So with that out of the way, I finished placing all cannons on all decks. There are 126 cannons: 70 dummies in the 2 lower rows, of which I placed only 60. I left 5 randomly empty gunports on each side. I plan to put closed gunports on there to break monotony.

Then there are 56 csmaller cannons that went on carriages. Of those, 28 had to be fully rigged, 6 half rigged and 22 with no rigging at all, being these totally hidden under the decks.

There you go... Here the photos and a general view of my ship as of today.









I am going to start working on the gunports. 70 of them if I remember correctly.


Thanks for visiting, mates!!! :)



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Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences, these type of logs make the learning process and our development in the hobby so much quicker and less painful.


It's also a great motivator, makes me want to get out my Endeavor again after 10 years.......although I am a bit scared to see what the termites might have done :/ 

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Hello mates and thanks for your comments.


Sjors and Anja. Thanks for the wows  :)


Nick: I'd appreciate either one :)


Michael: Thanks a lot :)


AllLostAtSea: I am glad my work motivates you. Go ahead and take that Endeavour off the closet ;)


Arthur: Thank you. Yeah, a lot of cannons. :dancetl6: I expected you discover one little mistake I left uncorrected on purpose. You are not paying attention. :angry: There is one missing coil at the right of the third cannon in the 5th photo. Can be spotted on photos 2 and 4 also. Shame on you! :D:D:) Just kidding, my friend. Your comments are ALWAYS very welcome. :cheers: (Coil is added now. Don't know why I skipped it!)


Thanks all for your visit. Your words are very motivating. !



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Small update


Hello all. As of June 16 I'm done with the life boats.


Progress has been so slow. I am in the process of selling my mom's house where I had a blanket closet as a workshop. But I am also in the process of buying a new house for me!

I just found a little house within my budget and in the area I've always wanted to live. Its 38 minutes away (with no traffic) from my actual home.

There are 3 bedrooms in the second floor of which I only need one! :) Guess what the other 2 will be used for???!!! YESSSS Finaly a house all of my own and for myself only. I can put my shipbuilding workshop in the living room if I want to! hehehe.

Thanks for visiting. During moving time, which I expect to start in about 15 days, work will come to a full stop for some time.


Royal Louis (1724).JPG

Royal Louis (1725).JPG

Royal Louis (1726).JPG

Edit. I'm going to try to finish the gunport lids before start the moving process. If I do it, I will start the rigging stage in my new place :):):)


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Hello all. Pretty small update with only words.

I moved all my shipbuilding stuff to my new house. The working tables have been installed all around the room. Unfortunately, my camera quit working, so I have no photos at the moment. Today I am expecting the truck that will move my stuff to my new home. All kitchen and laundry appliances, two 49" smart tvs, and a few of my mom's most cherished furniture. As soon as my new camera arrives will post photos of everything, especially my new ship workshop. I'm so excited!!! :)


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Hello all, friends. Here is a small update, more aimed at the status of my house/workshop moving/mounting status.


If you see in the next photos that there is a total mess... is because there is. :)


You can see the newly placed worktables all around the room. Also my stash of built ships are here. Some of these, (well, actually all of them) are in need of some cleaning and repairing work). Those boxes covered with a black plastic trash bags contain La Santa María, La Pinta and La Niña. Plastic Heller's 1/75 version. You may see below the tables a box containing Heller's 1/100 Soleil Royale, which I plan to build now that I have room to work on two projects at a time. A wooden one and a plastic one seem to me a good way to break boredom. :)


Boxes with all kinds of stuff have been piled up in the room that will be my ship building workshop. The chore will be opening them and sorting what's inside, which can be: shipbuilding tools and assorted items, kitchen and tableware and assorted items, pen making tools and assorted items, music and guitar books and assorted items, assorted items :)


Definitive moving day is now very close. Can't wait!!!! :)





Edited by Ulises Victoria

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