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Royal Louis 1780 by Ulises Victoria - Mamoli - Scale 1/90 - French Vessel- 126 cannons- Started in April 10 2014

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Small update:


Mizzen running rigging finished!

A few photos. All those loose scrambled threads on deck will be trimmed in due time. What I do is pass the thread through the belaying pin hole, and then "plug" the pin in the hole. This way is easier to make adjustments later. Just pull the pin out, pull or adjust the thread and plug again.

When I'm satisfied with everything, I apply a minuscule drop of diluted glue to secure things.


Thanks for visiting!!! Cheers!!!











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Great idea using the belaying pins as temporary clamps to hols the lines in place. I had not thought to do that but will likely give it a try. That is always one of my fears is securing a line too soon and needing to free it from glue to readjust.

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Posted (edited)

Update April 17 2021

Running rigging of Main Mast finished. Working with the fore mast now.

Here a few general photos of the Main Mast.


By the way... if you have problems with your knots untying, do yourself a favor and go to a music store... yes.... a music store, and get a cake of rosin, the stuff violinists rub their bows with. A few passes of your thread over it and your knots will never undo.

Pros: knots will not untie...

Cons: knots will never untie... once is tightened it is forever...










And a couple of general views. As old Frankie and Elvis said: "And now, the end is near...."






Thanks for watching!!!




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One more update.


This side of this rigging sheet plan has been completed. Plenty of red marks lol. The other side will deal with bowsprit rigging and of the large diagonal sail in the mizzen mast.



Every little red line here is a step that has been completed. Most of them (those marked with "D") had to be done twice: one per side.



Here are some general photos...




I like to leave some loose ropes in my ships. It is my feeling that it breaks rigidity and makes the ship feel more... I don't know... I just like it! :)













OOPS! This last photo does not belong here. Hehe. I couldn't resist and just took out the keel and bulkheads and assemble them just to have an idea of the size of my next project! Nothing glued or even squared... can't really say I already started this ship!!! ... hehehe.


Thanks for visiting. Have a great day, all...


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