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1/48 ships boat for the Bounty

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Where can I buy / obtain plans or kit of a 1/48 scale ships boat for the Bounty? I have recently finished the Del Prado version (extremely heavily bashed) but have come up against a brick wall where the boat is concerned. The supplied version is not only over scale but also resembles a brick not a boat. If anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful, thankyou


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The Bounty had 2 boats, a 20 ft and a 23 ft lauch .... the AOS Bounty book by McKay only shows a plan for the 20 ft boat.  Of course the larger 23 ft launch has a kit all it's own. Plans for the launch can be bought from Model Shipways (Model Expo).


good luck 


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Hi Clipper!  I am in the very early stages (16 of 100!) of building a/the Del Prado Bounty, & I have just read that it's 1/64 scale & not 1/48.  Interesting that you say the supplied launch is too big for the scale of the main ship.  Twintrow says there was a 20 foot & a 23 foot version (thanks twintrow!), so the 23 foot one would be just over 109.5mm long, & the 20 footer would be just over 95mm long.  I must check mine then too!  You say it looks like a brick - is that because it is too 'chunky', or its panels are too thick?  You say yours is heavily bashed - does this mean you have modified it quite a lot because of inaccuracies in the original model?  This is my first ship build but still, I would like to get it right ay!

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Using google image search for "HMS Bounty launch drawing", I found a copy of the plan of Bounty's 23 foot launch on Wikimedia here:



The quality isn't perfect, but it should be usable for a 1/64 or 1/48 model.  At a minimum, it's worth looking at.

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Try the collections section of the National Maritime  Museum.  There are a lot of plans of launches, barges, and other ship's boats.  Lavery's Arming and  fitting has a lot of details on ship's boats and of course W.E. May's book Boats of Men of War is a wealth of knowledge.  Scantlings can be found in May's book as well as Scantlings of the Royal Navy.



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W.E May's book is excellent as a reference on boats carried by British warships. 


I remember reading many years ago a book about the Bounty and in it was a reference to the launch not being a standard Royal Navy design.  I do not remember the details other than that it was requested by Lt. Bligh and justified by the nature of the voyage.  Sorry I can't provide more info.

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While being laudable, the book on ships boats by May is unique, sadly all the plans are poor reproductions of draughts from the NMM. Like many other maritime books, I think I've seen enough of this cheap and grubby practice of raiding the archives and cheaply reproducing far too small facsimilie of much larger source material.

I'm old enough to remember that the only way to see these drawings, once upon a time, was an expensive trip to Greenwich. Perhaps we're living in an age where there's too much of a good thing!

Surely there is room to produced a good book of clean common (1:48?) scale drawings in the style of the 'Anatomy of the ship' series. In fact the publishers have all the artwork necessary to put together a comprehensive compendium. 

That would be a true service to the ship model community. Put my name first on the delivery list.

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