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1/30 Royal Caroline kit from ZHL in China-How is this kit?Is it ok to purchase this kit from China?


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Just want to know if anyone has this kit,or any experence with buying it from ZHL in China?  Are they reputable to deal with?


The photos look great,but is the real kit like the photos? Is there anyone outside of China that is reputable that handles this kit?


Looks light years better than the Panart kit,but is it just to rip one off?


Please let me know if they are on the up and up.




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Any and all kits from ZHL are banned as long as they keep pirating kits from other manufacturers.  They are not reputable as a company.



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Hi Keith,


First of all, I'm in Taiwan, don't know if you guys count me as part of China, but if you ask me, I will tell you "no, we are not part of China".


Back to your question, this distributor is famous in China...



Actually, you don't need to worry if they won't send it out after you made a payment, because Tao-Bao has a feature, they put your payment as a deposit in their account, you can decide to transfer it to distributor once you received your kits, if distributor won't send it out, the money will return to you after certain period of time.


Besides, yes, there are lots of pirated kits in China, and quality is not good, but this one 1:30 Royal Caroline seems not, correct me if I'm wrong...., here has some more pictures on a forums in China.



I don't think Tao-Bao has English version website at this time.

Besides, if you are in US, they can ship it by SF Express, this is one of biggest express company in China.


but I don't know if they can send it to other country.


For your information.



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